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2019 Press Releases

10-17-19Mission Accomplished: Van Allen Probes Conclude Seven Years of Discovery

10-16-19In a First, Patient Controls Two Prosthetic Arms with His Thoughts

10-14-19Johns Hopkins APL’s Breakthrough Flexible, Cuttable Lithium-Ion Battery Now Won’t Catch Fire

10-08-19Lab Internships Provide Foundation for Budding Careers

10-01-19Researchers Share Vision for a Better Visual Prosthesis

09-27-19Johns Hopkins APL Receives 2019 Impact Award from Innovation Leader

09-26-19APL Shaping an Intelligent Approach to Disaster Response and Relief

09-25-19Lab Focuses on 5G Tech Capabilities for Tactical, First Responders

09-16-19Tough Errors Are No Match for APL Team Exploring Quantum Science

08-23-19The Homecoming of a Century

08-22-19Johns Hopkins APL Teams Up with United Way for STEM Kit Challenge

08-19-19Margaret Dean Begins Tenure as Johns Hopkins APL Chief Government Relations Officer

08-05-19Johns Hopkins APL Named to Fast Company’s Inaugural Best Workplaces for Innovators List

07-24-19Old Method Leads to New Quantum Processing Possibilities

07-23-19APL Discovery Projects to Explore Disaster Health, Ethical Robots, School Safety

07-19-19APL to Host AI Challenge for Making Optimal Decisions Under Uncertainty; Register by Aug. 6

07-19-19Picture Perfect: How APL Helped the World See the First Man on the Moon

07-02-19APL Plasma Instrument for Europa Clipper Passes Critical Design Review

07-01-19Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab Exec Timothy Collins to Head Walsh University

06-27-19Destination: Titan

06-27-19Event Summary from Inaugural National Health Symposium Available

06-24-19APL Developing Noninvasive Brain-Computer Interfaces to Control Complex Systems

06-21-19Submarine Technology Symposium Pushes to Expand the Competitive Space from Undersea

06-20-19APL’s Rachel Klima Will Help Develop Concept NASA Mission to Map the Moon’s Water

06-20-19Paper Outlines Technical, Clinical Considerations for Applying AI to Eye Health

06-17-19Johns Hopkins APL Named a Computerworld ‘Best Place to Work in IT’

06-05-19Stewart Named National Security Analysis Mission Area Executive

06-04-19Johns Hopkins Team Develops Digital Health Roadmap

06-03-19Johns Hopkins APL Principal Deputy General Counsel Anne Brennan is Recipient of DC Bar Honors for Distinguished Career Service

05-30-19Hopkins Researchers Release Tool to Enable Better Health Care

05-30-19APL Researchers Know the CODE to Unmanned Aircraft Program’s Success

05-13-19Johns Hopkins APL Names John Forte as Homeland Protection Mission Area Executive

05-07-19Johns Hopkins APL Celebrates Innovation and Staff Achievements, Honoring Top Inventions, Discoveries and Technical Accomplishments

04-24-19Cool Tool Could Enable Quantum Computers to Tackle More Complex Applications

04-16-19APL, DHS Science and Technology Enhance First-Responder Technologies

04-15-19Disappearing Lakes Offer Clues to Titan’s Seasonal Cycles

04-15-19Meteoroid Strikes Eject Precious Water from Moon

04-12-19DART Mission Set to Launch on SpaceX Falcon 9

04-08-19Johns Hopkins APL and Northeastern University Join Forces to Conduct Resilience and Security Studies

04-05-19Media Advisory: NASA Invites Media to Learn More About Near-Earth Asteroids, Comets

04-03-19Johns Hopkins APL Director Ralph Semmel Named an ‘Influential Marylander’

03-27-19Five Ways to Improve Hospital Labor Productivity

03-21-19Parker Solar Probe Wins 2018 Neil Armstrong Space Flight Achievement Award

03-08-19APL’s Chief of Intelligent Systems Weighs in on Artificial Intelligence

03-05-19APL’s National Health Mission Area Ready for South by Southwest Spotlight

03-04-19Johns Hopkins APL to Host ‘Girl Power’ STEM Event on March 10

03-04-19APL Leaders Appointed to Defense Task Force on the Future of U.S. Military Superiority

02-28-19Johns Hopkins APL Nails Down Construction Industry Award

02-20-19Johns Hopkins APL Begins CAT CubeSat Experiment Following Launch from International Space Station

02-05-19APL Physicist Appointed to Defense Science Board Quantum Technologies Task Force

02-04-19Johns Hopkins APL Names Kirk Shawhan as Precision Strike Mission Area Executive

01-30-19Bridging the Health Divide from Research to Operations: APL Hosts Inaugural National Health Symposium

01-09-19Katherine Morse Receives Prestigious NATO Award

01-08-19Study: Digital Health Companies Have Minimal Impact on Disease Burden, Health Care Costs

01-08-19David Van Wie to Lead APL’s Air and Missile Defense Sector

01-02-19NASA’s New Horizons Mission Reveals Entirely New Kind of World

01-01-19New Horizons Successfully Explores Ultima Thule

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