Intelligent Systems Center

Intelligent Systems Center

What the ISC Does

Inventing the Future of Intelligent Systems for Our Nation

The Intelligent Systems Center (ISC) leverages APL’s broad expertise across national security, space exploration, and health to fundamentally advance the use of intelligent systems for our nation’s critical challenges.

The ISC acts as a focal point for research and development in artificial intelligence, robotics, and neuroscience at APL.

What Are Intelligent Systems?

Intelligent systems are agents that have the ability to perceive their environment, decide on a course of action, act within a framework of acceptable actions, and team with humans and other agents to accomplish a human-specified mission.

APL creates advancements in human and machine intelligence and also translates those advancements into new capabilities for our sponsors.

As a center of excellence at APL, the ISC fosters new partnerships internally and externally to the Lab, hosts key projects and technologies for the enterprise, and acts as the steward of the Lab’s artificial intelligence strategy.


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The ISC is a multidisciplinary, collaborative space intended to inspire people to engage in creative intelligent systems innovations.

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