The submarine USS Miami (SSN 755) surfaces in the North Arabian Sea during an exercise. (Credit: U.S. Navy/Petty Officer 1st Class Joshua Scott)

Sea Control Mission Area

Program Areas

Anti-Submarine Warfare Program Area

Submarines present an asymmetric threat to global commerce, freedom of navigation, and naval operations. Submarines have proliferated globally; there are currently more than 40 countries operating more than 500 submarines worldwide. APL’s Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) Program Area provides assured access through deterrence, denial, and defeat of adversary submarines.

Maritime Expeditionary Warfare Program Area

The Maritime Expeditionary Warfare Program Area tackles the Navy’s toughest challenges in controlling the seas to deliver effects far forward. We deliver mission-focused and informed solutions that are operationally relevant, technically feasible, and mission ready. We convert imagination into reality.

Submarine Warfare Program Area

The Submarine Warfare Program Area is dedicated to maximizing the lethality of our nation’s submarines while optimizing their security and survivability. Employing innovation and sound systems engineering principles, our projects enhance submarine capabilities with improved stealth, enhanced sensors, advanced processing, creative payloads, and the necessary tactical guidance to ensure that ballistic missile submarines remain a credible, reliable, and assured strategic deterrent and that fast-attack and guided-missile submarines can gain/maintain access and operate anywhere, anytime in support of national objectives.

Submarines, with their inherent stealth, bring unique capabilities to all phases of warfare, including preparation of the battlespace, crisis response, kinetic and nonkinetic attack, and all levels of deterrence. With worldwide anti-access technology growing, submarines will be first to fight, controlling the seas and delivering effects to the joint force commander.

We are committed to maintaining U.S. undersea dominance by supporting existing submarine classes and acquisition programs for the Columbia class, future Virginia-class variants, and SSN(X).

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