Cyber Operations

Mission Area

Cyber Operations

Creating Disruptive Capabilities to Ensure U.S. Asymmetric Advantage in Cyberspace

APL’s Cyber Operations Mission Area creates disruptive capabilities to ensure U.S. advantage in cyberspace by:

  • Developing innovative concepts and engineering large-scale systems
  • Delivering quick responses to emerging cyber requirements, drawing on expertise in missions and operations
  • Pursuing cutting-edge science and technology thrusts

The Cyber Operations Mission Area helps advance U.S. cyber capabilities as a trusted partner to major U.S. government acquisition programs for cyber systems, and increases the resilience of our nuclear command, control, and communications (NC3); national leadership communication systems; naval hull, mechanical, and electrical systems; and critical infrastructure systems. 

We are focused on assuring key Department of Defense missions and critical infrastructure, delivering solutions to enable intelligence and military operations, and developing the systems that underpin novel operational capabilities in cyberspace and across the electromagnetic spectrum. We partner with industry and academia to advance technology and serve on coalitions alongside peer organizations for national impact.



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