Remote Access Portal

Getting Connected

APL View

APL View is available from any APL or personal system or device and provides access to your APL files, tools, and applications. APL View utilizes virtual machine (VM) technology instead of a VPN connection, however, your HID token is still required for login. Type in any web browser.

Pulse Secure VPN

Choose from the login options below.

Basic Services
Log in from any system for basic services like e-mail and E-Time.

All Services
Log in from your APL system for access to your APL files, tools, and applications.

Cisco VPN

You can also get to all of your APL files, tools, and applications using Cisco VPN. This option is available only when using an APL system.

To learn more, see the how-to videos.

Remote Access Status

Pulse Secure VPN is up: 557 users connected

Cisco VPN is up: 1953 users connected

APL View is up: 4 users connected

As of 6/12/2021 9:30:01 AM

Need help? Call the APL Help Desk at 443-778-HELP (x8-4357).