Affinity Groups

Raising Community Voices

Our Affinity Groups have an open membership policy where all are welcome regardless of background. We believe this creates a workplace where community voices are lifted up and allies feel empowered to offer their support. We have a wide range of Affinity Groups available for you to join.


Advocates for Diverse Abilities/All About Autism

Advocates for Diverse Abilities (ADA) supports APL staff members with disabilities by promoting awareness of resources, educating others on different types of disabilities, and advocating for change. ADA’s goal is to ensure that APL and its facilities are inclusive for people of all abilities.

All About Autism (AAA) promotes advocacy of, fosters awareness of, and provides support to those with autism spectrum disorder and their families and caregivers. The group actively works to increase awareness and understanding of autism and, through these efforts, to enhance APL as an inclusive and understanding work environment.


African American Culture Club

The African American Culture Club celebrates and builds on the rich resource of APL’s diversity of people and cultures, particularly people of African descent. The group is an important part of an ongoing multicultural effort to foster a professional community that reflects unity, creativity, and shared responsibility.


Allies in the Workplace

Allies in the Workplace is an advocate for a nondiscriminatory and diverse working environment, specifically for issues of importance to the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender community and supporters. The group fosters community and sharing through networking opportunities and social and outreach events, as well as via an internal online site. Meetings are open to all APL employees.


APL Veterans’ Club

The APL Veterans’ Club brings together the many veterans working in different positions across APL who have unique experience and expertise from their time in the military. The club is interested in tapping into the skills of veterans and also explores what vets can do for each other, and for the Lab.


APL Women in Technology

APL Women in Technology is a network of scientists, technologists, engineers, mathematicians, and professionals within APL whose mission is to promote the inclusion and success of women both inside and outside the Laboratory.


Asian American and Pacific Islander Culture Club

The Asian American and Pacific Islander Culture Club (AAPICC) purpose is to enhance the Lab’s workplace experience by providing a cultural connection to staff members of Asian descent and those who are interested in Asian culture. It provides resources for leadership and professional development and hosts activities to promote awareness of Asian culture among APL employees. In addition to other activities, AAPICC holds monthly Culture Exchange events with presentations on Asian traditions and Asian culture.


¡HOLA! Hispanic and Latinx Culture Club

¡HOLA! Hispanic and Latinx Culture Club plans and promotes activities to raise the level of awareness among APL employees of the contributions of Hispanic staff members and the Hispanic culture in general. The mission of ¡HOLA! is to celebrate and develop the diversity of APL staff of Hispanic/Latin American descent, and to foster a professional community that embraces a culture of unity, support, and encouragement.


Young Professionals Network

The APL Young Professionals Network (YPN) is a group of early career staff that get together for social, networking, and career development events. As an Affinity Group, they also provide input on APL’s strategies and goals to influence the future of APL.