Controlled Items Policy

Any controlled items brought on site must be preapproved by the Security Office in advance via email.

The on-site use of the following privately owned items is subject to restrictions:

  • Recording equipment (audio, video, optical, or data)
  • Electronic equipment with a data exchange port capable of being connected to automated information system equipment
  • Cellular telephones*
  • Cameras, including electronic equipment containing a camera*
  • Computers and associated media

*Privately owned, portable cell phones that do not contain a camera may be used in open areas of the Laboratory without restriction. Camera phones are also authorized for entry; however, taking photographs inside of the Laboratory is prohibited without written permission from the APL Security Office.

All computer equipment must be checked in with the guard at the point of entry. At that time, a property tag (valid for 1 day) will be issued and affixed to the equipment. Admission of recording or reproduction equipment requires prior approval by the Security Office. Admission of laptops or other portable electronic devices into classified meetings requires written approval by the U.S. government sponsor or a Defense Security Service accreditation letter authorizing classified use.