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Certified Accounting System

As a not-for-profit trusted government advisor, it is imperative that we are properly ensuring that APL’s subcontractors are in compliance with FAR (Federal Acquisition Regulations) and DFARS (Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement). If you are selected by APL to undergo an audit for the first time, we have gathered the following documentation to help you understand what type of information we request during that process. Questions may be directed to

APL Resources


Defense Contract Audit Agency Resources

Preparing and Submitting an Invoice to APL

Accounts Payable Contact Information


Please only submit invoices to the accounts payable email address above. Your email should include the below along with an attached invoice:

  • Amount (list this in the subject line of your email)
  • Subcontract number
  • Name of your company

Note: Please ensure the account number and amount exactly match what is listed on the invoice.


The following are tips to prevent delays in processing by Accounts Payable:

  • The contract number should be listed on the invoice (ensure that it is the correct one).
  • The breakdown of charges to be applied to each contract line item number (CLIN) should be noted on the invoice. Including the project number for the CLINs is also helpful.