Rama Venkatasubramanian (foreground), shown in APL’s Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition Lab, leads a team of researchers exploring innovative thermoelectric devices.

APL Start-Ups

There are many vehicles for expanding the impact of APL-based technologies. Launching a start-up company that licenses the technology, develops it for commercialization, and then brings it to the market for commercial access, including by sponsors, can be one such vehicle.

APL start-ups leverage the Laboratory’s world-class research and innovation infrastructure, as well as the entrepreneurial support mechanisms of Johns Hopkins University, including the university’s incubation program for emergent companies, FastForward.

Tech Transfer realizes that most APL technologies are early stage and that a significant investment of both time and resources is required to translate a discovery or invention into new products and services that can be commercialized in the marketplace. Although Tech Transfer cannot guarantee success, Tech Transfer can help identify technology, resources, and expertise to assist those interested in forming a start-up.