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Our college interns receive competitive pay, paid holidays, and networking opportunities. 

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Innovate for a Better World

From day one, we give you the opportunity to use the skills you’ve gained at school to push the boundaries of science and technology. We provide you with a strong support system of dedicated coworkers and opportunities to work on projects that truly mean something. When you join APL as an intern, our goal is to give you the tools and resources that allow you to shape the career of your dreams.

College Internship Cohorts

You may also join one of these cohorts if you meet the requirements and are offered a college internship position.

Internships for High School Students

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What’s it like being an intern at Johns Hopkins APL?

My third week here, I was told that a sponsor was going to use some of the technology I had personally been working on. It was amazing to see that happen as an intern.

Kendell APL Intern, ATLAS Cohort
Kendell, an APL ATLAS intern

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