EMAPS technology allows operators to map areas and confined spaces that GPS cannot "see."

Enhanced Mapping and Positioning System (EMAPS)

Our Contribution

EMAPS Technology “Sees” Where GPS Cannot

We continue to strengthen EMAPS, a portable mapping system carried in a backpack, for the Department of Defense’s Chemical and Biological Defense Program. Using sensors and lasers, EMAPS creates annotated maps in spaces where GPS is not available, such as underground or on ships. EMAPS captures a floor plan of the area the user traverses as well as 360-degree photos; the system’s novel algorithms associate critical sensor data, such as radiation and radio frequency signal levels, with map locations. We also added high-performance light detection and ranging (LIDAR) to the system and upgraded the software to process this data into a coordinate system—substantially improving the operator’s ability to visualize GPS-denied spaces.

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