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Our Expertise

Our Core Competencies

APL solves complex research, engineering, and analytical problems that present critical challenges to our nation. As the nation’s largest university affiliated research center, we provide U.S. government agencies with deep expertise in specialized fields to support national priorities and technology development programs. We also serve as independent trusted technical agents to the government, providing continuity for highly complex, multigenerational technology development systems.

As a university affiliated research center, we maintain robust engineering and research and development expertise in eight core competencies to meet the needs of our government sponsors. Our core competencies are:

  • Strategic systems test and evaluation
  • Submarine security and survivability
  • Space science and engineering
  • Combat systems and guided missiles
  • Air and missile defense and power projection
  • Information technology (C4ISR/IO)
  • Simulation, modeling, and operations analysis
  • Mission-related research, development, test, and evaluation

Critical Contributions to Critical Challenges