Radar screen (Credit: Bigstock)

Testing Air and Missile Defense Radar

Our Contribution

APL teamed with industry and the Above Water Sensors Directorate of Program Executive Office Integrated Warfare Systems on two successful tests of the AN/SPY-6(V), a wideband digital beam-forming sensor known as the Air and Missile Defense Radar. The tests, held at the Pacific Missile Range Facility in April and July 2017, put the system up against Aegis Readiness Assessment Vehicle (ARAV) targets, acting as an adversary ballistic missile surrogate. APL engineers led development of ARAV target and scenario requirements; developed, built, and tested key hardware on the targets, including infrared and visible cameras; and were part of the government–industry team evaluating the data from each flight test. The AN/SPY-6(V) will be integrated on DDG 51 Flight III combatants to enable next-generation integrated air and missile defense capabilities.