Military personnel in MOC at Johns Hopkins APL
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A Leader and a Partner

As an organization that has been on the cutting edge of “space firsts” since we took the first black-and-white photos of Earth from space, APL is uniquely positioned to bolster the Joint Force in their effort to enhance the professional development of military and civilian members. Through partnership programs like Education/Training with Industry, APL works hand in hand with the U.S. Army, Air Force, and Space Force, bringing officers to the Laboratory for a six-month or yearlong deep dive into novel challenges in national security, space technology, and space science.

Our military partners are embedded directly into programs where they can get hands-on experience that will ultimately be fielded by the Department of Defense. This partnership goes both ways as the military members provide invaluable insights into tangible challenges they face and the friction points they observe. Integrated within the multidisciplinary expertise across the Laboratory, APL offers experiences to work on a team that is developing, testing, and deploying solutions for the warfighter.


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