The CIRCUIT program has been suspended for 2024. Please visit the APL internship website to view all of our internship opportunities.

Program Overview

The CIRCUIT program at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) offers undergraduate students an opportunity to participate in cutting-edge research while building skills to make significant contributions to science. Diverging from traditional summer internships, CIRCUIT students participate in a yearlong cohort-based research experience as integral members of APL project teams and participate in unique, hands-on learning in a fun, collaborative environment.

What it entails: Participation includes a full-time (40 hours per week), on-site summer program at APL and a part-time (15 hours per week) school-year commitment. Students are also asked to participate in spring training before the summer session (15 hours per week). The summer session includes workshops and seminars designed to enhance students’ research skills. During the school year, students will meet with their teams and mentors at least once per week.

Compensation: Students are paid hourly for an estimated total of $9,500 during the summer, along with research credit for students’ work during the school year.

Applicant requirements: All undergraduates are encouraged to apply; there are no specific subject-matter background requirements, and CIRCUIT provides training and mentoring to support students in the broader research community. Applicants must simply demonstrate an interest in scientific inquiry, and preference will be given to students who plan to participate in both program sessions (summer and school year).

Trailblazers wanted: CIRCUIT encourages applications from “trailblazers,” which the program defines as high-achieving scholars from underserved backgrounds, women and other minorities in STEM fields, and those without a previous chance to earn research experience or who otherwise face barriers in achieving their dreams.

Sponsored By
Participating Organizations

Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory (APL), Laurel, MD

Program Timeline
Spring Training
April 2023 – May 2023
Summer Session
June 2023 – August 2023
School-Year Session
September 2023 – May 2024

Research Areas

Artificial Intelligence
Precision Medicine
Planetary Exploration
Heliophysics and Space Weather

“CIRCUIT is a unique opportunity to not just learn from but also work alongside leaders in the field at the Applied Physics Lab. It is challenging in the most exciting way. It is life-changing not just in the skills you learn through it but also in the relationships built. CIRCUIT has been my favorite experience at Hopkins so far, and I would recommend it fully.” — 2019 Student