Virtual Integration Environment

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Because of the limited quantities of the Modular Prosthetic Limb (MPL), APL has developed a virtual-reality MPL that runs in the Virtual Integration Environment (VIE). The VIE was developed to make the transition from a virtual training environment to the physical world with the actual MPL as seamless as possible, thus facilitating patient training for optimal control of the prosthetic limb. Importantly, the VIE is a platform-independent communication interface to the MPL. It offers an improved three-dimensional MPL simulation environment.

The VIE was created as a development platform for rapid prototyping, evaluation, and deployment of neural signal processing algorithms.

  • Based on MATLAB xPC Target; operates in (hard) real time
  • Accepts inputs from Cerebus, Plexon, Vikon, etc.
  • Defines standard input/output interfaces for neural signal analysis algorithms (neural signals in/limb commands out)
  • Can simulate an electromechanical system with or without hardware
  • Provides three-dimensional visualization and a configurable interactive world via Unity/PhysX

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