September 18, 2013: An SM-3 Block 1B interceptor is launched from the USS Lake Erie during an MDA test and successfully intercepted a complex short-range ballistic missile target off the coast of Kauai, Hawaii. (Credit: MDA)

Test Target Prototyping

Our Contribution

A cross-APL team of engineers, working with the Missile Defense Agency’s (MDA) Target and Countermeasures Directorate and other government and industry partners, develops cost-effective solutions for MDA to support live-fire testing of interceptors, sensors, and fire control systems. The team is currently developing two surrogate target vehicles. The first has successfully flown on three MDA tests (the latest being SFTM-02) and is part of a technology transfer activity to an industry partner; the second, being developed for a first flight in fiscal year 2019, is undergoing signature characterization.

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