Next-Generation Materials

Next-Generation Materials

Developing materials to redefine what’s possible

We invent, discover, and experiment with truly unique materials and explore new ways to realize their potential. From materials discovery and characterization to energy storage and enhancing materials for extreme environments, our diverse array of experiences in materials science and chemistry and mechanical, chemical, electrical, biomedical, aerospace, manufacturing, and metallurgical engineering enables us to redefine what’s possible.

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James Johnson and Danielle Nachman in APL’s PFAS research laboratory.

Eliminating Forever Chemicals

Multiple studies have linked PFAS exposure to harmful health effects in humans and animals, and without a natural way to break them down, the chemicals persist in soil and contaminate the environment — including water. APL scientists are developing several technologies to capture and destroy these “forever chemicals.”
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Closeup of person's hands at keyboard and using CAD tool (Credit: Bigstock)

Rapid Prototyping for Launcher Training

We improved on training aids by rapidly and cost-effectively prototyping an interactive pressurization valve for missile tube launcher training.
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