Communications Systems

Communications Systems

Reliable, resilient, and secure communications in any environment

Effective communications systems and networks are of vital importance to government, military, and commercial operations. Timely and reliable access to information enables decisive and informed action.

Johns Hopkins APL develops reliable, resilient, and secure communications technologies and systems for use in any environment. We apply our expertise in systems engineering, evaluation, and prototyping to address critical needs—from secure end-to-end networks in combat systems to mobile situational awareness tools for first responders.

Our work spans the communications spectrum—including radio frequency and microwave communications, satellite communication, laser communications, and wireless technology—and our status as a university affiliated research center allows our researchers to bridge the gap between available commercial communications technologies and the unique operational and tactical needs of our sponsors to deliver new secure capabilities and ensure the reliability and security of existing secure communication architectures.

On the battlefield, soldiers are constantly moving around and need to communicate with one another…they need the right information at the right time. Providing the right quality of service and end-user experience is important.

Asutosh Dutta, Senior Wireless Research Scientist

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Special Operations Forces in an Arctic environment (Credit: U.S. Navy)

Mobile Communications

Special Operations Forces (SOF) continue to rely on APL expertise to understand the communications technology landscape, inform requirements development, and identify options for mobile communications capabilities across a variety of operational scenarios.
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APL FSO operators check the monitors on Sea Hunter as a third operator monitors operations.

Optical Communications at Sea

We successfully demonstrated a high-bandwidth free-space optical (FSO) communications system between two moving ships, proving operational utility of FSO technology in the maritime environment.
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Helicopter (Credit: U.S. Marine Corps)

Senior Leader Helicopter Communications

APL is working with the Navy to enhance communications on the senior leader helicopter fleet.
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Abstract view of police lights (Credit: Bigstock)

Situational Awareness for First Responders

Under the direction of the Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate, APL partnered with the New York City Police Department’s Emergency Service Unit in April 2017 to field-test and evaluate a commercial Mobile Ad-hoc Networking (MANET) system.
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Li-Fi (Credit: Bigstock)

Visible Light Communications

For the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), APL is developing mission concepts and integrating operational prototypes of visible light communications capabilities in the Department of Defense—helping DISA enhance data security and alleviate demands on the limited radio frequency spectrum.
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