Remote Access Portal

Test Before You Travel

Getting ready to go on travel? Take a moment to review the following steps before you leave. It’s best to test during normal business hours:

  • Test your VPN connectivity:
  • Remember to take your power supply and any other adapters or peripherals you may need.
  • Don’t forget your HID Token—you need it to log in!

Here are a few more things to consider:

  • If your password is due to expire while you’re away, change it before you go.
  • Disconnect your system from APL’s network and then restart your system to make sure you can successfully log in to your system.
  • If you are taking a loaner system, connect it to the Laboratory’s network and then log in to create your user profile before leaving the Laboratory.
  • Download large files ahead of time—they may take a long time to download in airports or other low-Internet-bandwidth areas.
  • Back up your system if it isn’t on a regular backup schedule.

Need help? Call the Help Desk 443-778-HELP (x8-4357)