APL Colloquium

March 10, 2006

Colloquium Topic: A Sheriff’s View of Homeland Security

As a Sheriff, I bring the perspective of somebody who's actually on the road, actually doing things. Being from a small rural area, being very active, we deal with many things that come out of Washington, D.C., and many things that come out of the state capital of Iowa. And oftentimes, some of the best-laid plans, if you will, don't fit the road, and they still make sense. I've had an opportunity to participate in technological areas dealing with interoperability and communication and data exchange. I hope to give some input based on those experiences and my experience on the road.

Colloquium Speaker: Ted G. Kamatchus

Sheriff Ted G. Kamatchus began his law enforcement career in 1976. While attending Mankato State University (Criminal Justice Major) he worked as a Police Officer for the Waterville, Minnesota Police Department. In 1980 he moved to Marshalltown, Iowa and joined the Marshalltown Police Department (MPD). While on MPD, Ted served as the Parks and Recreation liaison officer and Chief Firearms and Tactical Instructor for the agency. He became Sheriff of Marshall County, Iowa in 1988 and has successfully retained his position since that time having been elected to five consecutive terms in office. Sheriff Kamatchus has served in leadership positions for various organizations at the local, state and federal levels. Some of his long term participations are as follows: The Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge # 2 - President (1984-1985); The Iowa State Reserve Law Enforcement Officers' Association - Chief Firearms Officer (1985 to present); The Iowa State Sheriff's and Deputies Association - President (2000); The National Sheriff's Association - Board of Directors (1993 - 2000); The National Sheriff's Association - Vice-President (2000 to present and will assume Presidency in 2006); The Mid-states Counter Drug Training Center - Board of Directors (2000 to present); The Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies - Board of Commissioners (2001 to present); The Ford Motor Company Police Advisory Board - Board Member (2001 to present); The Science and Technology Directorate of the United States Department of Homeland Security - Senior Advisory Board Member (2003 to present); D.A.R.E America - Corporate Advisory Board - (2004 to present); The International Police Canine Association - Board of Directors (2004 to present). Throughout his career, Sheriff Kamatchus has been called upon by national organizations, U.S. Congressional committees, the Iowa State Legislature, Governors and U.S. Presidents to participate on committees and study groups to give input on various law enforcement related issues.