APL Colloquium

April 27, 2018

Colloquium Topic: Plane Crash: The Forensics of Aviation Disasters

This talk is based on Bibel’s second book of the same name (Johns Hopkins University Press); and co-authored with a certified Boeing/Airbus pilot for a major airline.  The book aims to be insightful and interesting and is organized along the phases of flight (takeoff, climb, cruise, approach and landing).  The talk is very much based on an outstanding collection of dramatic photos and even a few crash videos.

Colloquium Speaker: George Bibel

George Bibel is a professor of mechanical engineering at the University of North Dakota; and author of “Beyond the Black Box” and “Plane Crash” both published by Johns Hopkins University Press.  The first book was developed into a training seminar presented at Boeing.  Professor Bibel also participates in the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) Distinguished Lecture Series.  Bibel has given over twenty-five sponsored talks including United Technologies, GE Engines, MIT Lincoln Lab, NASA, Seattle Museum of Flight and many more. Professor Bibel also authored “Listen Up and Fly Right”, New York Times; January 26, 2008. This article was reprinted in the China Daily and the International New York Times. Bibel has appeared numerous time on cable news.