APL Colloquium

March 31, 2017

Colloquium Topic: A Tribute to Scott Joplin

This will be a special APL Colloquium conducted as a tribute to 'King of Ragtime' Scott Joplin.  A team of APL employees will present interesting facts about Joplin and ragtime, interspersed with performances of Joplin rags.  There is a suggested “prerequisite” for Colloquium attendance - watch the movie "The Sting" and pay special attention to the music.

Colloquium Speaker: Hans Mair, Bob Ferguson, Mary Anne Espenshade, Danielle Zack, Jennifer Hedlund, Steven Lutz, David Steigerwald, and John Meyer

Hans U. Mair is a JHU/APL analyst and engineer in the National Security Analysis Department since 2009.

Bob Ferguson is a JHU/APL engineer in the Air and Missile Defense Sector since 1986.