APL Colloquium

June 23, 2015

Colloquium Topic: Ignition Grants Mobile Apps Challenge

Research and Technical
Cooler Groups Community Support Mobile App – Andy Liu (ITSD), Hollis Ambrose (SES), Daniel Levine (AMDS)
Swipe My Idea! – Chris Krupiarz (SES), William Van Besien (SES), Nate Parsons (SES), David Edell (SES)

Management and Administrative
Mobile Time Charging App – Daniel Levine (AMDS), Andy Liu (ITSD)
APL Skywalk Maps (APL Navigator) – Emily Scheerer (AOS), Ben Ballard (SES)

Colloquium Speaker: Ignition Grants Winners

The winners from Ignition Grants - Mobile Apps will be sharing the results of their projects and may demonstrate a prototype of the applications.