APL Colloquium

April 21, 2015

Colloquium Topic: International Binary Battlefield – Focus the People’s Republic of China

We can all surf the headlines and read about the cyber misdeeds affecting our United States and other nations; however, during International Binary Battlefield attendees can experience firsthand nation state motivations for cyber actions. These front line experiences from around the globe will be shared as you learn firsthand the motivations of cyber enabled nation states specifically the People's Republic of China and the impact on our nation's information assurance and security.

Colloquium Speaker: LtCol William Hagestad II

Lt Col Hagestad is an internationally recognized & respected authority on the People’s Republic of China’s use of computer and information network systems as a weapon. He wrote the book “21stCentury Chinese Cyber Warfare” published March 2012. He speaks internationally on the subject of China’s hegemony in the information age. Providing current cyber threat assessments to international defense, intelligence and law enforcement entities. He speaks both domestically and internationally on the Chinese Cyber Threat.

Lt Col Hagestad holds a Master of Science in Security Technologies from the College of Science & Engineering, University of Minnesota and a Master of Science in the Management Of Technology from the Technological Leadership Institute, University of Minnesota. He received a Bachelor of Arts in Mandarin Chinese, with minor emphasis in Classical Chinese and Modern Japanese, also from the University of Minnesota.