APL Colloquium

January 24, 2013

Colloquium Topic: Ignition Grants Cycle 5 Colloquium

The Ignition Grants Cycle 5 proposers will present the results of their grants.

Colloquium Speaker: Ignition Grants Winners

Swarming Around Asteroids
Speakers: Justin Atchison; Andrew Goldfinger

APL Spectrum Monitor and Signal Detector
Speakers: Norman Adams; Scott Radcliffe, Dave Copeland, Steven Jones

Ground-Penetrating Radar for UAVs
Speakers: Vinny Ramachandran; Brian Bauer

Resurfacing Human Joints: A Potential Treatment for Arthritis
Speakers: Timothy Harrigan; Xiomara Calderon-Colon, Morgana Trexler

Cookie Cutter: Find Out What Information We're Inadvertently Giving Away to Industry
Speaker: Charlie Frick