APL Colloquium

March 6, 2009

Colloquium Topic: On Call In Iraq

"On Call in Iraq" is a presentation on Iraq through the eyes of Dr. Sudip Bose in which he guides the audience through an exclusive virtual tour of the combat zone as demonstrated through photographs and video footage, while remaining apolitical. The audience will learn how lessons learned through combat experiences in Iraq can be applied to improve job function in the US. Medical innovations often times result from wars, Dr. Bose will cover some of the advancements and techniques of front line care, and how these may impact care offered in the civilian world.

Colloquium Speaker: Sudip Bose

Sudip Bose MD, FACEP, FAAEM is an Attending Emergency Physician at Advocate Christ Medical Center, which is Chicago's busiest trauma center. Dr. Sudip Bose served as a physician on the front lines of combat during Operation Iraqi Freedom. His experiences ranged from treating Saddam Hussein shortly after his capture, to caring for wounded soldiers and civilians while under attack, to earning the Bronze Star and being promoted to Major. As the sole doctor for a mobilized infantry unit, Dr. Bose provided emergency care in the streets of Baghdad, Najaf, and Fallujah and was responsible for thousands of American soldiers and countless Iraqis. His 15-month tour marked one of the longest by a physician since World War II. Dr. Bose joined the Army in 1995 to do his small part to serve his country and its ideals, and to gain valuable skills and experiences. Dr. Bose, who earned the highest score in the country on the emergency medicine board examination, has started a business that offers recertification assistance for emergency medicine physicians. He is an ardent supporter of injured veterans from the Iraq War. He delivers an engaging lecture series around the country on how to apply lessons from Iraq to everyday life. He has had multiple appearances on CNN, television/newspapers, and other media outlets throughout the world. He is also publishing a book titled On Call in Iraq. More details are available on www.sudipbose.com