APL Colloquium

June 17, 2011

Colloquium Topic: Ignition Grants Cycle 1 Colloquium

The Ignition Grants Cycle 1 proposers and collaborators will present the results of their grants.

Colloquium Speaker: Ignition Grants Winners

Find an Expert at JHU - A Marketplace for Connecting Innovation to Resources within the JHU Family
Author: Valeree Combs, Collaborator: Donna Bush

Author: David L. Porter, Collaborator: Jennifer Mann

Pocket-sized personal surveillance robot
Author: Christopher Brown

On-Site Child Care
Author: Kelly Bruns

Mechanical Engineers Unite!
Author: Thomas Magee

Distributed Library
Author: Vina Nguyen, Collaborators: Kalman Hazins, Christina Pikas

Conformal Antenna for Gun-Launched Projectile
Author: David Yemc

Volunteer Cyber Defense Corps
Author: Bart Paulhamus, Collaborators: Kimberly Glasgow, Curt Boylls, Nathan Bos, Clay Fink