APL Colloquium

October 26, 2001

Colloquium Topic: The Discovery and Salvage of the Israeli Submarine INS DAKAR

After resting on the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea for over thirty-two years, the bridge and conning tower of the Israeli submarine DAKAR was successfully raised on October 10, 2000 from a depth of approximately 10,000 feet. DAKAR had been located about 15 months earlier. The speaker will describe how his company, Nauticos Corporation, committed a continuation of advanced, proven equipment and a highly qualified team of forensic, salvage, and operation experts to undertake and successfully complete this operation for the Israeli Navy.

Colloquium Speaker: David W. Jourdan

Mr. David W. Jourdan graduated from the United States Naval Academy in 1976 receiving a B.S. (with distinction) in Engineering Physics and he obtained a M.S. (with honors) in Applied Physics from the Johns Hopkins University in 1984. Qualified as a nuclear-trained submarine engineer, he completed the Naval Nuclear Power School curriculum in 1978 and was responsible for operation and maintenance of submarine reactor plant control systems aboard the USS Kamehameha (SSBN 642). Mr. Jourdan joined The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory in 1981 in the Ocean Engineering Program and performed classified ocean R&D work in support of the U.S. Navy. His published work was in the areas of Doppler sonar navigation and oceanographic survey planning. In 1986, Mr. Jourdan co-founded Meridian Sciences, Inc., which became Nauticos Corporation in 1998. He is the principle owner and has served as President and General Manager, directing business and technical operations as the company pursues its mission to lead the world in ocean exploration. Under Mr. Jourdan's direction, Nauticos has played a key role in the development of U.S. Navy capabilities for underwater research, has worked to develop offshore oil and gas technology, and has worked with the Discovery Channel, National Geographic, and other media companies on projects of public interest. Mr. Jourdan has co-authored several papers concerning the use of remote sensing and navigation systems for underwater vehicles. In 1999, Mr. Jourdan was honored as Maryland's Small Business Person of the Year and awarded Ernest and Young's Entrepreneur of the Year in Science and Technology.