APL Colloquium

November 22, 2019

Colloquium Topic: Visions of Apocalypse: How Beliefs About the End Times Affect International Relations

The three Abrahamic faiths—Judaism, Christianity, and Islam—feature prophecies and traditional beliefs concerning the end times. These eschatological beliefs in all their variations and nuances have affected national ideologies, political agendas, and foreign relations throughout history. In this presentation, Dr. Leonhard will outline the prophetic beliefs and how various denominations and factions deal with them, as well as show how they continue to impact international relations and politics today.

Colloquium Speaker: Robert Leonhard

Bob Leonhard spent 24 years in the Army as an infantry officer and war planner. He is the author of The Art of Maneuver: Maneuver Warfare Theory and AirLand Battle and The Principles of War for the Information Age. He is the primary author of "Little Green Men: a primer on Modern Russian Unconventional Warfare, Ukraine 2013-14." He earned a Ph.D. in History, specializing in early American history. He has been with JHUAPL since 2004.