APL Start-Ups

There are many vehicles for expanding the impact of APL-based technologies. Founding a start-up that licenses the technology, develops it for commercialization, and then brings it to the market for commercial access, including by sponsors, can be one such vehicle.

APL start-ups leverage the Laboratory’s world-class research and innovation infrastructure, as well as the entrepreneurial support mechanisms of Johns Hopkins University, including FastForward, the university’s incubation program for emergent companies.

Tech Transfer realizes that most APL technologies are early stage and that a significant investment of both time and resources is required to translate a discovery or invention into new products and services that can be commercialized in the marketplace. Although we cannot guarantee success, Tech Transfer can help identify technology, resources, and expertise to assist those interested in forming a start-up.

Prior APL start-ups include those featured below.

  • Applied Imagery
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    Applied Imagery

    LiDAR exploitation software

  • BullFrog AI, Inc.
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    BullFrog AI, Inc.

    An investor-backed company determined to become the undisputed leader in precision medicine

    Our mission is to find the link between therapies and patients and improve their lives.

  • Deterministic Security, LLC
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  • Eyegenix, LLC
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    Eyegenix, LLC

    A regenerative medicine company developing a biosynthetic cornea for human transplantation that holds the promise of restoring vision for an estimated 10 million people who suffer from corneal blindness

  • Gallant Technologies, Inc.
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    Gallant Technologies, Inc.

    Turning science into security

    Founded in Maryland in 2016 by operationally focused scientists and engineers from APL, Gallant focuses on transitioning key products from the Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate to operational environments.

  • Longeviti Neuro Solutions, LLC
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    Longeviti Neuro Solutions, LLC

    Founded in 2016 by a team of leading medical device industry executives, neurosurgeons, plastic surgeons, and biomedical engineers

    Our team collaborates closely with industry and academia to develop and commercialize implantable neurosurgical devices.

  • Mind-X Corp
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    Mind-X Corp

    Combining neurotechnology, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence to create a “look-and-think” interface for next-generation spatial computing applications

  • Thermohalt Technology, LLC
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    Thermohalt Technology, LLC

    Offers the first and only patent-protected electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) solution to apply impedance measurements to improve quality control in the lithium-ion battery manufacturing process and to prevent thermal runaway in operation.