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Collaborative Analysis Center

Collaborative Analysis Center in Laurel, MD

APL’s Collaborative Analysis Center

APL’s Collaborative Analysis Center (CAC) provides a secure setting for immersive collaborative analysis, gaming, and strategy events that tackle challenges in critical areas such as national security, military readiness, space exploration, and national health. Conveniently located in the Baltimore/Washington corridor, the CAC offers APL and its government partners an accessible site to gather and examine complex technical, operational, policy, and strategy issues.

Facility Overview

Collaborative Analysis Center in Laurel, MD

APL’s Collaborative Analysis Center

Prime Location and Easy Accessibility. The CAC, located on APL’s main campus in Laurel, Maryland, is approximately 25 minutes from BWI Marshall Airport and 45 minutes from downtown DC.

Capacity. Totaling 3,000 square feet, the CAC features two adjoining meeting spaces that have been designed and built to host secure meetings, events, and tabletop exercises that can accommodate all types of personnel, from project teams to senior national security leaders:

  • CAC Main Room: 100-seat immersive meeting space with 53 table seats and 47 gallery seats
  • CAC Planning Room: 25-seat immersive meeting space with 10 table seats and 15 gallery seats

Audio/Video. The CAC features high-definition LED video walls in each room with robust screen resolutions capable of dual 4K side-by-side images. Refined acoustics and our available audiovisual capabilities provide a truly unique immersive experience.

Collaborative Tools. Access to unclassified collaboration tools can be provided, including ZoomGov, Microsoft Teams, and MeetingSphere. Useful presenter tools, including design thinking boards and a confidence monitor, are also available. Collateral classified video teleconferences can be supported.

Support Team. The CAC has full-time staff dedicated to addressing meeting logistics, managing security requirements, and operating a full spectrum of display, audio, and collaborative capabilities to ensure the success of your event.

Classification. The CAC is a multilevel security facility. Please reach out using the contact information below to discuss current security-level details.

Contact Information

CAC Office: 240-228-6494

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