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The National Health Mission Area aims to revolutionize health through science and engineering by executing on the three pillars of our Envisioned Futures: Predictive Health, Assured Care, and Global Health Security.

Programs in Predictive Health will develop a comprehensive picture of individual health for both civilian and military communities. APL will quantify healthy baselines through the use of new models and sensors that continuously monitor biological, environmental, and behavioral factors. Deviations from a healthy baseline will automatically be recognized, and individuals will immediately be alerted to changes in health conditions.

Assured Care programs envision a future in which the delivery of care is personalized, accurate, and immediate regardless of the physical location of the patient or the caregiver. APL will design and deploy integrated and intelligent systems for the delivery of care with a holistic view of the entire health ecosystem.

Global Health Security programs will utilize novel and disparate data sources at population scales that will allow health threats to be anticipated before symptoms are recognized. APL will devise new methods of data collection and analysis to provide widespread situational awareness about potential outbreaks that will allow for the development of preemptive mitigation actions or facilitate rapid responses to the identified threat.

The National Health Mission Area occupies a unique position at the intersection of fundamental and applied research in biological sciences, innovative modeling, data collection and analytics, and systems engineering that allows us to leverage APL’s vast, cross-disciplinary capabilities to solve the nation’s most critical health challenges.

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