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Dr. Shrekenhamer

David Shrekenhamer Senior Staff Scientist

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Ph.D., Physics

Boston College

B.S., Physics

University of California, San Diego

Dr. David Shrekenhamer is a senior staff scientist whose research interests span numerous areas of electromagnetics. With expertise developing concepts that utilize metamaterials for use across the electromagnetic spectrum, he specializes in leading interdisciplinary teams designing custom electromagnetic solutions for a range of complex problem spaces (such as communications, signature science, and sensing and imaging). While his work largely focuses on electromagnetic-based problems, he also has substantial expertise in developing novel materials (such as optical phase-change materials), fabrication techniques (such as nanofabrication and incorporation within novel substrates), electronic circuitry, and signal processing, and in incorporating and accounting for multi-physics effects such as electromagnetic heating, structural heating, and more exotic behavior like nonlinear effects, chirality, and bi-anisotropy. Additional areas of expertise include antennas and propagation, counter-directed energy weapons technology, infrared technologies, materials modeling and simulation, and metasurfaces.

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