2021 Feature Stories

2021 News Stories

09-20-21 Sensing the Planet: Johns Hopkins APL Working to Provide Data for Mitigating Climate Change

09-07-21 Johns Hopkins APL Team Gives Marine Aviators a Glimpse of the Future

09-02-21 Psyche’s Gamma Ray and Neutron Detection Instrument Arrives in California for Spacecraft Installation

08-31-21 The Van Allen Probes Transformed Everything We Know About Earth’s Radiation Belts. What’s Next?

08-31-21 Submarine Technology Symposium Returns to Johns Hopkins APL

08-24-21 First Doctorate of Engineering Class Includes Four Johns Hopkins APL Grads

08-17-21 IMAP Mission Advances to Next Development Stage

08-09-21 A Few Steps Closer to Europa: Spacecraft Hardware Makes Headway

07-22-21 Johns Hopkins APL Board of Managers Welcomes New Chair Murren and New Member Barber; Bids Farewell to Outgoing Chair Hankin

06-29-21 60 Years on, Nuclear Power Still Enables Pioneering Space Missions

06-16-21 Space Particle Instrument Prepped and Primed for Jovian Journey

06-10-21 Johns Hopkins APL Space Sensor Package Passes Latest Flight Test

06-03-21 Solar Mission Reveals New Details About Venus’ Unusual Magnetic Field

05-19-21 Novel Technologies Bolster Cybersecurity at Water Treatment Plants

05-10-21 Johns Hopkins APL Contributes “Once in a Lifetime” Navy SPY-6 Radar System Upgrade

04-16-21 New Horizons Reaches a Rare Space Milestone

04-15-21 Parker Solar Probe Captures First Complete View of Venus Orbital Dust Ring

04-14-21 Super Sticky: Johns Hopkins APL Creates Strong, Fast, Waterproof Adhesive

04-13-21 Johns Hopkins APL Staff Members Step Up to Mentor Students with Special Needs

04-08-21 Europa Clipper Builds Hardware, Moves Toward Assembly

04-02-21 Johns Hopkins Researchers Advancing Safety of AI and Autonomous Machines in Society

03-22-21 Johns Hopkins APL Engages Government and Industry on Critical Lunar Space Issues

03-18-21 Johns Hopkins APL Technology Helps Mars Mission Phone Home

03-17-21 A New Conceptual Mission Proposes to Study Earth Like an Exoplanet

03-11-21 Johns Hopkins APL Helps DARPA OFFSET Program Take Flight

02-25-21 Parker Solar Probe Offers Stunning View of Venus

02-23-21 New Equation Lays Odds for Life on Venus

02-18-21 Perseverance Mission Highlights CRISM’s Continued Contributions to Martian Science

02-15-21 Little Moon Io Helps Jupiter Accelerate Charged Particles to Incredible Speed

02-12-21 NEAR Landing Left a Lasting Space Exploration Legacy

01-29-21 Study Reveals MESSENGER Watched a Meteoroid Strike Mercury

01-27-21 Johns Hopkins APL Spacecraft Capture Planetary Portraits

01-21-21 Johns Hopkins APL Researchers Achieve Wireless Soft Robotic Advancement

01-15-21 DART Team Takes a Last Look at Asteroid Target Before Launch

2021 Press Releases

09-24-21 Johns Hopkins APL’s Augmented Reality Toolbox Helps Army Improve Situational Awareness

09-20-21 Hilliard, Trexler Earn Recognition from Society of Women Engineers

09-17-21 Johns Hopkins APL Scientists Contribute Award-Winning Breakthrough to AI-Driven Climate Initiative

09-15-21 NOAA Selects Johns Hopkins APL’s George Ho for Space Weather Advisory Group

09-02-21 Aspiring Biologist Awarded Johns Hopkins APL’s Kershner Scholarship

08-19-21 Johns Hopkins APL Researchers Unfold the Power of Additive Manufacturing for Shape Memory Alloys

08-18-21 Amid Airspace Safety Concerns, Johns Hopkins APL Researchers Work to Prevent Drone Traffic Jams

08-17-21 Johns Hopkins APL’s Parvathy Prem Honored for Early-Career Contributions to Space Exploration

08-12-21 DART Gets Its Wings: Spacecraft Integrated with Innovative Solar Array Technology and Camera

08-09-21 Division for Planetary Sciences Honors Johns Hopkins APL’s Turtle for Career Contributions

08-04-21 Johns Hopkins APL Earns Third Straight Selection to Fast Company’s Best Workplaces for Innovators List

07-26-21 Finer Flaws: Exploring the Advantages of Defects in Laser Manufactured Materials

07-22-21 Johns Hopkins APL, Amazon Partner to Accelerate Access to High-Res Brain Mapping Data

07-19-21 “Radar Fanatic” Status Lands APL’s Smith Role as Journal Editor

07-13-21 ‘Solving Problems Others Haven’t’ Keeps Blodgett Focused on Invention

07-13-21 A Father’s Advice Drives Master Inventor George Coles

07-12-21 Johns Hopkins APL Earns a Place Among Computerworld’s Top 10 ‘Best Places to Work in IT’

07-09-21 Johns Hopkins APL Scientists Help Solve the 40‑Year Mystery of Jupiter’s X-ray Aurora

06-22-21 BOLT Experiment Readies for Final Flight in Sweden

06-14-21 Johns Hopkins APL Diving into Marine Environments with New Lab

06-11-21 Parker Solar Probe Team Earns National Space Club and Foundation Aerospace Award

06-01-21 Johns Hopkins APL’s Anna Named AIHA Fellow

05-13-21 Johns Hopkins APL Research Team Tackles Electrode in Quest for Safer Batteries

05-12-21 Johns Hopkins APL Honors Staff Innovation in Annual Achievement Awards Ceremony

05-07-21 Marine Robotics Pioneer Bellingham to Lead Hopkins Institute for Assured Autonomy

04-20-21 Hon. Ellen Lord, Former Undersecretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment, Named Senior Fellow at Johns Hopkins APL

04-20-21 Johns Hopkins APL, TNO Sign Memorandum of Understanding on Collaborative Research and Technology Development

04-08-21 Johns Hopkins APL Bridges the Gap with Next Phase of DARPA’s ACE Program

04-07-21 Johns Hopkins APL Researchers Will Play Leading Role in James Webb Space Telescope’s First Year

03-25-21 Detecting Hidden Signals

03-23-21 Former Air Force Chief of Staff Goldfein Named Senior Fellow at Johns Hopkins APL

03-18-21 Amputee Makes Music with the Modular Prosthetic Limb

03-15-21 Johns Hopkins APL Team Launches Regional Chapter of Association for Computing Machinery

03-15-21 Silberberg Named Chair of Whiting School Information Systems Program

03-12-21 NASA Extends Johns Hopkins APL Leadership of Lunar Innovation Initiative

03-12-21 Johns Hopkins APL Hosts Vice Chief of Space Operations

03-08-21 Johns Hopkins APL to Host Virtual “Girl Power” STEM Event on March 14

02-22-21 Six From Johns Hopkins APL Honored with Black Engineer of the Year Awards

02-19-21 Johns Hopkins APL Partners with CDC to Protect Frontline Health Care Workers

02-09-21 DART Mission Heats Up, Enters Environmental Testing

02-01-21 Latest Discovery Awards Fund Johns Hopkins APL-Led Projects in Public Health Messaging, Detecting Pathogens and Detecting Unconscious Bias

01-28-21 Trexler Named to Hopkins Extreme Materials Institute Executive Committee

01-25-21 Johns Hopkins Researchers Tap Bluetooth Technology to Keep Health Workers Safe

01-15-21 Johns Hopkins APL Team Lauded for Lunar Technology Leadership

01-14-21 Johns Hopkins APL Partners with InductiveHealth on Disease Informatics for Health Agencies