2020 Feature Stories

2020 Press Releases

04-03-20Johns Hopkins APL Scientist Ralph Lorenz wins Alvin Seiff Memorial Award

03-30-20Johns Hopkins APL Scientist Developing Device to Reduce Blindness in Poor and Rural Areas

03-25-20Johns Hopkins APL-Developed Health Surveillance Tool Augments Nation’s COVID-19 Response

03-23-20Johns Hopkins APL Biologists Sequencing Genome of the Virus Causing COVID-19

03-23-20Johns Hopkins APL Experts Explain Why Social Distancing Is Critical to Flattening the Coronavirus Curve

03-13-20APL Hits Standard Missile-3 Milestone

03-10-20Johns Hopkins APL Named One of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Space Companies

03-09-20Nancy Chabot Named Meteoritical Society Vice President

02-28-20Michael Presley and Laszlo Kecskes Receive Inaugural HEMI/APL Seed Grant

02-18-20JHU Researchers Begin to Tackle Bias in Al Used in Disease Diagnosis and Health Care

02-14-20POSTPONED: Second Annual Health Symposium to Focus on Operationalizing Artificial Intelligence

02-13-20NASA Selects Johns Hopkins APL-Led Discovery Mission Proposal for Further Funding

02-11-20APL Black History Month Highlights the Voting Rights Movement

02-07-20NASA, ESA’s Solar Orbiter Set to Explore Sun with Johns Hopkins APL-Developed Camera and Particle Detector

02-07-20Navy Lauds ‘Pathfinder’ Reichert for Missile Defense Leadership

02-03-20Johns Hopkins APL Joins Maryland Academia, Labs and Industry to Launch New Quantum Science Alliance

01-30-20APL Researchers Develop Method to Extract Water from Thin Air

01-28-20NASA’s Interstellar Mapping and Acceleration Probe Mission Enters Design Phase

01-27-20APL Experts Talk Hypersonics at AIAA SciTech Forum

01-23-20The Young Scientists and the Sea

01-21-20Former Defense Health Agency Director Raquel Bono Joins Johns Hopkins APL as a Senior Fellow

01-15-20Johns Hopkins APL Scientist Ralph Lorenz Wins Choice Award for Climate Science History Book