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America’s Flight III DDG 51 Destroyers Are Giving the Navy New Attack Options (National Interest, February 25, 2021)

Amazing Close-up of Venus Captured by NASA Parker Solar Probe (CNN, February 24, 2021)

Experts Tell Congress How to Turn Innovation into Reality (Breaking Defense, February 23, 2021)

Seven Hundred Leagues Beneath Titan’s Methane Seas (New York Times, February 21, 2021)

Maryland Scientists and Engineers Play Key Roles in Latest Mars Mission (CBS Baltimore, February 19, 2021)

Drones in Space: Can a Helicopter Take Flight on Mars? (Christian Science Monitor, February 18, 2021)

He Became One of the Navy’s First Black Four-Star Admirals. The Military Has Work to Do on Diversity, He Says (The Washington Post, February 16, 2021)

NEAR Shoemaker’s Visit to the Valentine Asteroid Eros (Astronomy, February 12, 2021)

Interstellar Probe Mission Would Go Twice as Fast and Far as the Voyagers (Astronomy, February 10, 2021)

Johns Hopkins Leads Nation in Research Spending for 41st Consecutive Year (JHU Hub, February 9, 2021)

Milestones, Interrupted (The Lily/The Washington Post, February 9, 2021)

Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center Wins Research!America Award (JHU Hub, February 4, 2021)

CMMC Update: Pilots, 3PAOs and More of What Vendors Need to Know (Federal News Network, February 2, 2021)

MESSENGER Saw a Meteoroid Strike Mercury (Universe Today, February 2, 2021)

The Next Cyberattack Is Already Under Way (The New Yorker, February 1, 2021)

What Can Devs Do to Bring New People into the Tech Space? (Technical.ly, February 1, 2021)

A Sun’s Eye View of the Solar System (Discover Magazine, January 31, 2021)

How Biden’s Pentagon Plans to Win Back Silicon Valley and Get the Tech Talent It Needs, According to Experts (Business Insider, January 31, 2021)

NASA Parker Solar Probe Spacecraft Will Finally Go The Sun to take a Photo of Six Planets (The Science Times, January 31, 2021)

Bridgeport’s Briana Vecchio-Pagan Among Johns Hopkins Researchers Utilizing Bluetooth Technology to Keep Front Line Workers Safe in Face of COVID Pandemic (Connect Bridgeport, January 29, 2021)

NASA’s Dragonfly Mission Will See Clues About Titan’s Habitability (Astrobiology Magazine, January 29, 2021)

How to Enable Quantum Computing Innovation Through Access (Brookings Institution, January 27, 2021)

Where Next Will NASA Boldly Go? (Slate, January 26, 2021)

2034, Part I: Peril in the South China Sea (WIRED, January 25, 2021)

TED Radio Hour (NPR, January 24, 2021)

Applied Physics Lab Researchers Develop Advanced Soft Robots (JHU Hub, January 22, 2021)

Johns Hopkins Marks One Year of Tracking the COVID-19 Pandemic (JHU Hub, January 22, 2021)

Senate Confirms Avril Haines as First Woman to Serve as Director of National Intelligence (Homeland Security Today, January 21, 2021)

NASA Ends Efforts to Deploy Mars InSight’s ‘Mole’ (Scientific American, January 20, 2021)

NASA Parker Solar Probe Nails Close Flyby of Sun as Its Space Weather Cycle Ramps Up (Space.com, January 19, 2021)

Brain Implants Allow Quadriplegic Man to Feed Himself (The Debrief, January 15, 2021)

The Parker Solar Probe Will Have Company on Its Next Pass by the Sun (Science News, January 15, 2021)

Mercury, the Not So Shrunken Planet (National Air and Space Museum, January 14, 2021)

Spotlight on Success (AIAA, January 13, 2021)

Nextgov Event Replay: Future Focused Tech: Health (FedHealthIT, January 7, 2021)

Defending Earth Against Dangerous Asteroids: Q&A with NASA’s Lindley Johnson (Space.com, January 5, 2021)

There Are an Insane Amount of Cool Space Things Happening in 2021 (Ars Technica, January 5, 2021)

Will Increasing Traffic to the Moon Contaminate Its Precious Ice? (Nature, January 5, 2021)

ChinaTalk: Great Power Competition with Richard Danzig (Lawfare, January 4, 2021)

Earth’s Atmosphere Is Full of Microbes. Could They Help Us Find Life on Other Worlds? (Space.com, January 4, 2021)

Watch a Man Eat Cake with Mind-Controlled Robot Arms (Futurity, January 4, 2021)

Quadriplegic Man, Using Two Robot Arms, Can Feed Himself Again (Freethink, January 2, 2021)

Chinese Mission Returned Nearly 4 Pounds of Lunar Samples (Spaceflight Now, January 1, 2021)