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There is great interest in the potential for using formal methods to guarantee the reliability of deep neural networks. However, these techniques may also be used to implant carefully selected input-output pairs. We present initial results on a novel technique using SMT solvers to _ne tune the weights of a ReLU neural network to guarantee outcomes   ...more

Mobile robots capable of navigating seamlessly and safely in pedestrian rich environments promise to bring robotic assistance closer to our daily lives. In this paper we draw on insights of how humans move in crowded spaces to explore how to recognize pedestrian navigation intent, how to predict pedestrian motion and how a robot may adapt its navig   ...more

From gross movements to object grasping and fine manipulation our arms and hands play an obviously valuable role in our daily lives. The movement of our hands, combined with our sophisticated sense of touch, enables us to seamlessly interact with our environment. The loss of a limb presents a difficult challenge in that much of the basic functional   ...more

Working memory engages multiple distributed brain networks to support goal-directed behavior and higher order cognition. Dysfunction in working memory has been associated with cognitive impairment in neuropsychiatric disorders. It is important to characterize the interactions among cortical networks that are sensitive to working memory load since s   ...more

As larger neural circuit data becomes broadly available to the research community, researchers look to the brain to understand why humans perform certain tasks robustly and efficiently and the underlying circuitry for some neurological disorders. In particular, discovery of repeated structure in large, newly collected brain image volumes would supp   ...more

Estimating machine learning performance “in the wild” is both an important and unsolved problem. In this paper, we seek to examine, understand, and predict the pointwise competence of classification models. Our contributions are twofold: First, we establish a statistically rigorous definition of competence that generalizes the common notion of clas   ...more

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