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Deep convolutional neural networks (DCNNs) perform on par or better than humans for image classification. Hence efforts have now shifted to more challenging tasks such as object detection and classification in images, video or RGBD. Recently developed region CNNs (R-CNN) such as Fast R-CNN [7] address this detection task for images. Instead, this   ...more

This paper presents a nested marsupial robotic system and its execution of a notional disaster response task. Human supervised autonomy is facilitated by tightly-coupled, high-level user feedback enabling command and control of a bimanual mobile manipulator carrying a quadrotor unmanned aerial vehicle that carries a miniature ground robot. Each ro   ...more

This study focuses on using ultrasound (US) biomarkers for characterizing myopathies and in particular myositis. US offers an opportunity to deliver diagnostics in clinical settings at a fraction of the cost and discomfort entailed in current workflows. US is also better suited for usage in under-resourced environments. This paper is focused on st   ...more

Nearly 600 articles were located in citation and keyword searches regarding the effects of humidity on comfort, health, and indoor environmental quality. Of these, around 70 articles reported the effects of low humidity (relative humidity ≤ 40%) and were analyzed in detail. Information in some categories was well chronicled, while other categories   ...more

Our work is focused on the development of non-invasive methods to estimate skin constitutive elements. Such methods can play an important clinical and scientific role in detecting the early onset of skin tumors. Given current statistics by the American Academy of Dermatology suggesting that more than 10 people die each hour worldwide due to skin r   ...more

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