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A prototype conversational interface has been developed to facilitate spoken interaction between humans and robots. The focus is on end-users such as security officers including military personnel who would conduct missions with robot partners in close proximity. The focal group is familiar with Battle Management Language, a variation of natural l   ...more

Open plan offices are both popular and controversial. We studied the response of a group moving from shared, but closed offices to an open plan office. The main data source reported here is a workplace satisfaction survey given pre-move, post-move, and to a lab baseline comparison group at the same organization, with some additional data from obse   ...more

Real-time large deflection sensing of continuum dexterous manipulators (CDM) is essential and challenging for many minimally invasive surgery (MIS) applications. To this end, the feasibility of using Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) sensors to detect large CDM deflections was demonstrated. Previous studies by our group proposed attaching an FBG array alo   ...more

As Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) systems advance for uses such as robotic arm control it is postulated that the control paradigms could apply to other scenarios, such as control of video games, wheelchair movement or even flight. The purpose of this pilot study was to determine whether our BCI system, which involves decoding the signals of two 96   ...more

Deep learning (DL) has led to near or better than human performance in image classification or object/speech recognition. DL is now providing new tools to address autonomous robotic manipulation and navigation challenges. One of the fundamental capabilities necessary for robotic manipulation is the ability to reorient objects within the hand. In th   ...more

Dexterous continuum manipulators (DCMs) have been widely adopted for minimally- and less-invasive surgery. During the operation, these DCMs interact with surrounding anatomy actively or passively. The interaction force will inevitably affect the tip position and shape of DCMs, leading to potentially inaccurate control near critical anatomy. In thi   ...more

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