The Intelligent Systems Center (ISC) acts as a focal point for research and development in intelligent systems at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (APL). Intelligent systems can make decisions under uncertainty – some of our intelligent systems can fly, walk, swim and roll and others ingest vast, complex datasets to make useful predictions. APL leverages and extends advances in machine intelligence to enable systems like these to perform increasingly sophisticated tasks autonomously in challenging scenarios.

As a center of excellence at APL, the ISC fosters new partnerships internally and externally to the Lab, provides a state of the art facility with novel capabilities and hosts key projects and technologies for the enterprise, including a software toolkit for autonomous vehicle collaboration and a deep learning “model zoo” of neural networks optimized for mission applications. The ISC hosts Lab-wide challenges and hack-a-thons to accelerate the translation of recent breakthroughs in machine intelligence into new capabilities for our sponsors.

The ISC facility is home to a cross-disciplinary research group spanning machine learning, robotic and autonomous systems and applied neuroscience. The facility provides laboratories for hardware and software development, modular test platforms, and unmanned vehicle test areas. The ISC leverages APL’s broad expertise across defense, intelligence, homeland protection, space exploration, and health care to fundamentally advance the employment of intelligent systems for our Nation’s critical challenges.

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The Intelligent Systems Center is located at the Montpelier Campus of the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory.
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