APL Research Frontiers Forum

The Laboratory brings together diverse thought leaders to discuss the state of technology, cutting-edge research, and the technological challenges ahead, as well as ideas for shaping a world in which these technologies are ubiquitous. The forums feature panels consisting of leaders from government, industry, and academia. Below are a selection of recordings of past forum panels.

APL Research Frontiers Forum

Research Frontiers Forum 2018: Biotechnology for the Nation

BioFuture Team Debate: BioUtopia or BioDystopia?

Panelists: James Miller, Geoff Ling, Patrick Boyle, Megan Palmer, Jason Matheny, Gigi Gronvall, Pete Carr

Research Frontiers Forum 2017: Future of Humans & Machines

Future of Humans & Machines

Keynote: Adm. James Stavridis and Reid Hoffman

Panel 1: Machines with Us?

Panelists: Deputy Secretary of Defense Bob Work, David Hanson, Geoff Ling, Anders Sandberg

Panel 2: Machines & Us

Panelists: Jason Matheny, Matt Johnson, Suchi Saria

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