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The Discovery Program is the perfect way to launch your career. Our two-year rotational program offers a unique opportunity to experience APL’s wide array of technical challenges. Each Discovery Program experience is tailored to align your interests to projects in need of your skills and expertise. With each rotational assignment, you’ll broaden your knowledge, develop your skills, and discover the many ways you can influence the future.


Over the course of the two-year program, you will rotate through three to four assignments in teams across APL’s mission areas. Each rotational assignment is an opportunity for you to discover new applications for your knowledge and skills. Here are just a few examples of the variety of work you’ll get to experience in your rotational assignments:

Communications Engineering

Contribute to communications systems engineering projects, end-to-end network analysis, and advanced network engineering. Help examine new techniques in fiber optics communications and free space communications.

Modeling and Simulation

Apply your modeling skills to projects aimed at assessing military technologies and national security capabilities. Design models that simulate existing and future concepts, systems, and operations to evaluate system performance and effectiveness.

Data Science and Analytics

Use emerging data science, mathematics, and algorithm development techniques to analyze our country’s defense, transportation, and health care systems. Invent new methods of examining enormous amounts of data to defeat complex challenges.

Cyber Resilience

Develop intelligent software systems that secure information and protect defense systems from vulnerabilities. Help align technology development with enterprise architecture design to create solutions that optimize security, resiliency, operational impact, and cost.

Aerospace Systems

Contribute to projects that involve numerous technologies and complex mechanical and electrical engineering problems. Study aerospace systems and develop models for analysis to help inform critical national security decisions.

Intelligent Systems

Work with technologies in a variety of domains, including machine learning, applied neuroscience, social media analysis, robotics, autonomy, navigation, and controls. Help with electronic design and testing, software development, control systems engineering, and big data analysis.


The Discovery Program is open to all STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) graduates with bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees. We look for individuals with high academic achievements, strong technical experience, and the ability to thrive in a collaborative team environment. To qualify, you must have a minimum 3.5 overall GPA and U.S. citizenship.


To apply for the Discovery Program, complete an application for the new grad job posting for your area of study and select “Rotational Program” when the application prompts you to select “areas of interest.”