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Benefits at a Glance

APL offers a comprehensive package of benefits, including medical, dental, life, accident, and disability coverage. Numerous educational and recreational programs are available to interested staff members. In addition, the Laboratory offers exceptional benefits for your retirement years.

Continuing Education

APL encourages staff members to further their formal education. Our Part-Time Study Program pays tuition for approved courses and degree programs, through either prepayment or reimbursement, up to 24 credit hours per academic year. Staff members in part-time doctoral programs are eligible for 200 hours of paid leave per year while in the dissertation phase, for up to three years. The Laboratory also partners with Johns Hopkins University’s Engineering for Professionals program to offer convenient, on-site evening classes and other learning opportunities for a relevant degree.

Retirement Contributions

APL contributes up to 10.5 percent of staff members’ pay to their retirement plans. This includes an APL contribution equal to 2.5 percent of pay, plus matching contributions of $2 for every $1 of staff member contributions, up to a maximum APL contribution of 8 percent of pay. Staff members become eligible for APL’s contributions after one year of employment and are immediately 100% vested in all Laboratory contributions.

Paid Leave

Paid time off is offered for major holidays, vacation, one personal day, and up to seven sick days during the year. Vacation leave is based on years of employment and staff level, and ranges from 15 to 25 days annually. Paid leave is also available for births, adoptions, military obligations, jury duty, continuing education, and bereavement.

Flexible Schedules

Many positions offer the flexibility of adjusting your work schedule to meet your personal needs. Some employees may be eligible to work remotely.

Health Insurance Options

APL offers both medical insurance (including vision and prescription benefits) and dental insurance to meet the needs of staff members and their families, including qualifying same-sex domestic partners. Covered services from designated providers are covered at a higher level, often with small copayments. Covered services received outside of the designated provider network (out-of-network benefits) are covered at a lower level after satisfying a deductible amount. Two dental insurance plans cover preventive, diagnostic, and restorative services for employees and their eligible dependents.

Flexible Spending Accounts

APL staff members may choose to make pre-tax contributions to flexible spending accounts for health care and/or dependent care. Contributions to a health care flexible spending account may be used to cover costs for items on a standard list of out-of-pocket medical, dental, vision, and pharmacy expenses (including over-the-counter medicines and medically necessary health care products). Dependent care flexible spending account contributions can be used for items on a standard list of child-care and elder-care expenses.

Life Insurance Options

APL provides $50,000 of life insurance to staff at no cost. Staff members can purchase additional coverage at levels up to six times their annual salary to a maximum level of $1,250,000 (not including the $50,000 basic coverage). Staff members who purchase life insurance above the basic $50,000 level are also eligible for the insurance carrier’s will preparation service, which covers certain attorney’s fees for will preparation.

Dependent Scholarship Program

Dependent children of all regular full-time and part-time staff members (with at least 5 years of service at the Laboratory) are eligible to apply for college tuition scholarship grants. The scholarships are awarded competitively on the basis of SAT/ACT scores and high school academic records.

Child Care Assistance

APL staff have access to a computerized resource and referral service that helps parents identify and choose child care that is best suited to their needs, preferences, and ability to pay. Laboratory staff can also use LOCATE Child Care Services to obtain information on all regulated center-based care facilities, family child care, nursery schools, kindergartens, and Head Start programs available in their neighborhood or near their workplaces.

Staff members can also call and receive a customized list of day care providers meeting their criteria that have available openings. Counselors provide information on specific child-care alternatives and can also suggest questions to ask potential caregivers.

Legal Services

APL staff members and their dependents are entitled to receive certain covered personal legal services, including attorney consultation (office visits or by telephone) for consumer protection matters, small claims assistance, debt collection defense, identity theft defense, personal bankruptcy, tax audits, civil lawsuits, family law, immigration, personal injury, real estate, traffic and criminal matters, will and estate matters, and legal document preparation.