Technology Transfer

APL Available Technologies

Reference # Technology
P10194 Memory-Linked Wavefront Array Processor
P10189 Wheelchair Toileting Module and Method
P03669 System and Method to Rapidly Design Viral Vaccines to Prevent Vaccine Failure
P03637 Space Inner-Domain Routing
P03636 High Aspect Ratio Nanofillers for Improving the Balance between Rolling Resistance and Wet Traction in Tires or Like Materials
P03620 High-sensitivity chip-scale magnetic field amplitude detection
P03619 FLOXIR - Fs Laser-Induced Oxidation/Reduction of Materials: Processes, Applications and Devices
P03594 GPU Receiver
P03562 EMAPS Mapping Products - Maps, Imagery, 3D Point Cloud Data, Sensor Telemetry
P03560 Open Loop Feedback Control of Material Properties Using a Pseudo-Circulatory System
P03556 Single Pixel Multicolor Passive Display
P03544 Mall Crawler: Social Network Analysis for Reality Mining of Human Shopping Behavior
P03480 Enhanced Mapping and Positioning System for Navigation and Mapping in GPS Denied Environments
P03472 Improving Impact Resistance in Polymers via Controlled Free Volume
P03456 In-situ Evaluation of Component Fidelity During Additive Manufacturing Processing
P03414 Advanced Armor Laminate Structures
P03404 Process for Producing Non-Detonable Canine Training Aids for Peroxide-Based Homemade Explosives
P03372 A Correlation Algorithm for Geo-Location Position Measurements
P03366 Apparatus and Method for Identifying Related Code Variants in Binaries
P03331 Tactical Object Finder
P03266 Cueing System for Universal Optical Receiver
P03245 Prosthetic Terminal Device
P03224 Automated Pneumothorax Detection
P03199 Blast Attenuating Earplug
P03141 A Measurement Correlation Algorithm for Line-of-Bearing Geo-Location
P03135 A Numerical Method for Constructing Geo-Location Isograms
P03122 Methods to Improve the Reliability of Organic Photovoltaic Solar Cells
P03114 Agile IR Scene Projector
P03096 Canonical Network Isolator Component (C-NIC) and the Pull-Push Super Typing Architecture (PPSTA)
P03089 Release Actuator Employing Components with Different Coefficients of Thermal Expansion
P03071 Carbon Nanotube Reinforced Ballistic Fibers for Improved Ballistic Resistance
P03060 Automatic Device Alignment Mechanism
P02957 Magnetoencephalography System and Method for 3D Localization and Tracking of Electrical Activity in Brain
P02955 Solar Flux Concentration for Orbital Debris Remediation
P02937 Unpowered Microfluidic Long Lifetime Time-Temperature Indicator
P02922 Secure Layered Iterative Gateway
P02899 High Energy Fiber Laser Modulator
P02884 Instantaneous Measurement of the Internal Temperature in Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Cells
P02876 System and Method for Tomographic Retrieval of Parameter Profile from Traveling Path
P02873 Apparatus and Methods for 3-D Stacking of Thinned Die
P02860 Adaptive Medium Access Control
P02858 Wound Healing Compositions Comprising Biocompatible Cellulose Hydrogel Membranes and Methods of Use Thereof
P02855 Method for Optimizing Parameters for Detection Systems
P02850 Design and Functionality of an Antenna Tuner Using Phase-Locked Loop as the Controller
P02847 Chitosan Derived Phosphate MIPs
P02837 Breathable Microframe Prosthetic Interface
P02836 Critical Infrastructure Inspection Management System (CIIMS)
P02822 Apparatus and Method for Stabilizing Power to an Optical Multimode Receiver
P02820 Implantable Pressure-Actuated Drug Delivery Systems and Methods of Manufacture and Use
P02814 Cellulose-Based Hydrogels and Methods of Making Thereof
P02791 Topical Compositions and Methods of Detection and Treatment
P02787 System and Method for Measuring Staleness of Attestation Measurements
P02782 Photonically Enabled High Data Rate Millimeter Wave Wireless Communications Link
P02779 System and Method for Simulating Biofidelic Signals
P02776 BioNanoCellulose Reinforced Fibers for Composite Reinforced Plastic Materials
P02765 Concentration, Purification and Separation of Nucleic Acids and Proteins by Isotachophoresis
P02755 Thin Film Electrodes Including Metal Tubes Filled with Active Material and Battery Cells, and Methods of Fabrication
P02753 Motor Controller that Reliably Starts and Quickly Ramps Miniature Turbo Molecular Pumps to Maximum Speed
P02736 System for Determining Drug Resistance in Microorganisms
P02735 Error-Reducing Atmospheric Correction System
P02721 Static Dissipative Cable Ties, Such as for Radiation Belt Storm Probes
P02715 High Speed Error Detector for Fading Propagation Channels
P02712 Methods and Systems to Diminish False-alarm Rates in Multi-hypothesis Signal Detection through Combinatoric Navigation
P02710 System and Method for Determining Position of Hall Sensors Relative to the Stator Winding of Brushless DC or Synchronous AC Permanent Magnet Motor
P02709 Systems Engineering Management Model (SEMM)
P02672 System and Method for Determining Location of Submerged Submersible Vehicle
P02647 Multi-Modal Neural Interfacing for Prosthetic Devices
P02622 Systems and Methods for Remote Tagging and Tracking of Objects Using Hyperspectral Video Sensors
P02616 Methods and Systems to Implement a Surrogate Head Model and Directly Measure Brain/Skull Relative Displacement
P02612 Identification and Verification of Peripheral Devices Accessing a Secure Network
P02604 Apparatus and Method for High Frequency Low Pressure Arc Flash Sensor
P02603 Self-Healing Coatings
P02539 A Fast Protocol for Computationally Private Information Retrieval
P02490 Wide Ranging Electro-chemical Based Time-Temperature Recorder
P02479 Wide Bandwidth Variable Gain Optical Amplifier for Optical Communications Systems
P02474 A Flexible Computational Framework for Systems Optimization
P02446 Method of Passive Forensic Identification of Networked TCP/IP Communication Endpoints
P02428 Novel Patterning Techniques for DNA-sensing Microarray Fabrication
P02417 Method of Detecting Molecules
P02391 Remotely Directed Vehicle Inspection System
P02387 A Method for Providing Adaptive Quality of Service Across Heterogeneous Networks
P02380 Purification and Concentration of Proteins and DNA from a Complex Sample Using Isotachophoresis and a Device to Perform the Purification
P02379 Purification and Concentration of Proteins from Complex Samples Using Aptamers and the Interaction between Nucleic Acids and Silica
P02372 Color-to-Lineweight Plotting Program for AutoCADÔŅĹ Software
P02362 Systems and Methods for Providing Higher Assurance Software Construction via Aspects
P02357 Accumulator Cap Collar
P02354 Graph Query Language (GQL) Syntax and Functionality for Efficient and Iterative Querying of Data Graphs
P02349 Trusted Ring Secure Platform Architecture
P02344 Capability Based Planning Methodology and Tool
P02337 Method and System for Program Execution Integrity Measurement
P02336 Advanced Thin Flexible Microelectronic Assemblies and Methods for Making Same
P02332 Hybrid-Polarity Synthetic Aperture Radar Architecture
P02331 Microfabricated Substrate for the Collection of DNA (Micro-sandpaper)
P02330 Tow Body Metal Detector
P02324 CollabSpace - An Advanced Geospatial Collaboration Environment
P02317 Automatic Integrated Distress Device
P02316 Lossless Codec for Infrared or Monochrome Video
P02311 Intelligent Fusion of Multi-modal Biometric Inputs for Decision Making
P02310 Thermally Induced Decontamination Environments
P02307 Device for Rapid and Nondestructive Detection of the Presence of Latent Fingerprints
P02280 Periscope Object Identifier
P02279 Advanced Programming Interface (API) for Integration With IVC-4300 Video Acquisition Card
P02277 Volumetric passive sonobuoy array of polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) wires
P02276 An Information Visualization Software System to Manage Resource Access Control Policies
P02274 Addressable Metal Detector Array and Method for Crowd Screening
P02273 Wide-Area Portal Metal Detector
P02272 Wireless Wearable Electronic Tags for Patient Triage
P02269 Data analysis software for data collected by Driver Monitoring System
P02268 Diagnostic software used to remotely connect to a Driver Monitoring System to perform calibration routines or check on the health/status of the system through wired or wireless communication with a laptop or PDA
P02267 Data acquisition software for Driver Monitoring System
P02263 Refractory Nanoparticle Taggants
P02260 Adaptable Fetal Heart Monitor Patient Interface
P02256 Three-dimensional Scanning System Which Combines a Photometric Stereo Method With a Structured Light Method to Obtain the Shape of an Object
P02252 An Unclad Fiber Optic Sensor for Measuring Chromophoric Compounds in Human Blood and Amniotic Fluid
P02251 Prime-Rational Frequency Synthesis Method and Frequency Synthesizers
P02249 Dust Transport Application (DTA)
P02248 Social and Contextual Navigation and Analysis of Email Archives
P02243 Low-cost Projectile Detection and Warning System
P02241 Dual-Band RF/Optical Antenna
P02239 Enhanced Optical Methods to Break Spore Coating
P02234 Kinetic Energy Absorbing Aerogel Composite Structures for Use in Crash of Impact Protection and Body or Vehicle Armor
P02227 Three-Position Heavy Object Lift Handle for Two-Person Use
P02223 TCM2 Data Recorder
P02219 Solid state supersonic flow actuator and method of use
P02216 Electrode Array to Determine Specific Axonal Firing in a Peripheral Nerve
P02200 Pattern Discovery Through Reversing Time Flow
P02196 Efficient Ultra Low Voltage Regulation Electronics
P02190 Using Wearable Biometrics for Continuous Automated Authentication
P02188 Anomalous Vehicle Detection System and Method
P02180 Rad Hard, Low Power Galvanically-Isolated Signal Buffer
P02175 Nanocavities for Use in Quantum Information Processing
P02164 Broadband Clock Recovery Circuit Using YIG Oscillators
P02153 Vertical Line Hydrophone Array with Continuous PVDF Hydrophone Elements
P02152 Hydrophone Unit
P02147 Design Methodology for Optimal Power Generation in Solar Vehicles Using Genetic Algorithms
P02144 Ground Moving Target Indicator (GMTI) Aided Video Registration
P02143 Thermal Management System
P02133 Enhanced Sampling Device
P02132 Space-time codes for linearly labelled PAM, PSK, QAM and related constellations using gray mapping
P02130 Active Electronic Security Cloth and Webbing
P02125 Various Improvements to the Design of `Liquid Micro Pulsed Plasma Thrusters`
P02118 Variable Ratio Transmission Elements for Motor Drive Shafts
P02116 Submarine Speed and Depth Communications Enabling Technologies and At-Sea GPS Reception Demonstration
P02113 Magnetometer Based on an Oscillator Made With Magnetorestrictive Material
P02112 Polymerizable Beta-Diketones for MIPs of Divalent or Trivalent D and F Block Metals
P02102 Expendable Metal Detector
P02095 Assisted Drug Delivery Device
P02093 Long Coherent Integration of Deep-fade GPS Signals During the Handover Word (HOW) Portion of the GPS Message
P02089 Media Access Control (MAC) Protocol for neXt Generation (XG) Radio System
P02087 Soluble, Processible Molecularly Imprinted Macromolecules
P02083 Adaptive Image Format Translation in an Ad-Hoc Network
P02075 Simultaneous Bi-directional Digital Data Transfer Over A Single Transmission Line
P02070 Various Networked and Distributed Configurations for Power Distribution Protection System
P02056 Adaptable Channel Testbed for Investigating On-the-move Wireless Nodes (ACTION)
P02055 Easily Replicatable Liquid Micro Pulsed Plasma Thruster
P02050 Synchronous Sleep Mechanisms for Wireless Sensor Networks
P02039 High Fidelity Data Compression for Acoustic Arrays
P02038 Variable Angle Linear Slot Scanning Digital X-ray Device
P02037 A UV IR Laser Camera and Altimeter
P02034 Dielectric Motor Configurations and a Variable Speed Transmission Element Using Electroactive Polymers (EAPs)
P02033 Physics-based Modeling of Acoustic Reverberation
P02025 X-Ray Cassette Alignment and Centering System
P02020 Ocular and Microsurgery Device Controlled by Artificial Muscles
P02017 Battery Health Monitor
P02015 Serial and Ethernet Over-The-Horizon (SOTH/EOTH) Communication System
P02013 Laser Serration of Envelopes for Efficient Liberation of Enclosed Pathogens and Directed Release into Collectors
P02010 AirSpeed Wind Tunnel Data Analysis Suite
P02003 Personnel Screening Device for the Detection of Non-metallic Concealed Contraband Using Microwave Backscatter
P02001 Pressurized Drinking System (PDS)
P02000 Dense Object Detection System and Method
P01999 Monitoring the Integrity of a superstructure under heat loads
P01994 Sensor-to-sensor track correlation algorithms (1) Vector sort and (2) distance sort
P01992 Planar Pulsed Plasma Thruster
P01990 Authentication of Injection Molded Epoxy-Based Electronics Packages Using Molecularly Imprinted Taggants
P01988 Mono-Track Vehicle
P01984 CMOS Xylophone Bar Magnetometer with Automatic Resonance Control
P01982 Thermal Interface and Switch using Carbon Nanotube Arrays
P01980 A Better and Faster Design and Evaluation Tool for Large Systems
P01974 Reconfigurable Induction Coil for Metal Detection
P01973 Variable Damping Induction Coil for Metal Detection
P01972 Step Current Inductive Coil Antenna for Metal Detector
P01970 High Altitude Remote Probe (HARP)
P01969 Digital Nulling Pulse Inductive Metal Detector
P01968 Simultaneous Time-domain and Frequency-domain Metal Detector
P01967 Switched Coil Receiver Antenna for Metal Detector
P01945 Radiance Library Forecasting for Time-Critical Hyperspectral Target Detection Systems
P01944 Driver Monitor System
P01943 Full Signal Translator (FST)
P01942 Mechanism for Aiming Lasers with High Precision Anti-jamming Applications
p01940 Strain Rate Sensitive Flexible Armor with Laminated Composite Elements
P01925 A Method for Half-duplex Relative Navigation Among Multiple Distributed Vehicles
P01921 MRI Flex Circuit Catheter Imaging Coil
P01917 Multi-Mode Electromagnetic Target Discriminator (METD) Sensor System
P01912 APL-SASEA-An Oceanographic Data Analysis System
P01911 High-fidelity Quantum Logic Operations Using Linear Optical Elements
P01910 Sample Retrieval Device for Environmental Aerosol Collection Used in Conjunction with a Field-Portable Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer
P01906 Source of Single Photons on Pseudo-Demand from Stored Parametric Down-conversion
P01905 Quantum Memory for Photonic Qubits
P01904 Method for Adaptable, Distributed and Synchronized Signal Observation
P01901 Magnetometer ASIC
P01899 Integrated, All Photonic Lighting, Heating, Cooling and Communications for Buildings
P01898 Chloride Ion Sensor
P01896 Gun Shot Digital Imaging System (GSDIS)
P01895 Non-invasive Health Monitor
P01892 Tree Fork
P01888 A Colorimetric Sensor for Biogenic Diamines to be Molecularly Imprinted into Polymers
P01885 Moving Belt Metal Detector
P01881 Mission-Centric Network Defense System
P01879 A Microfabricated Array Sensor for the Electrochemical Detection of Biological Molecules
P01877 Adaptive Analysis Framework
P01876 Method and Apparatus for Accurate, Digital Monitoring a Receiver Frequency via Telemetry without the Need for Calibration of Analog Components
P01873 A New Class of Anticancer Drugs
P01872 Combined Chemical/Biological Agent Detection by Mass Spectrometry
P01860 Acoustic Sleep Apnea/Hypopnea Detector and Classifier
P01858 An Embeddable Corrosion Rate Meter for Remote Monitoring of Infrastructures
P01856 Autonomous Ingestible Probe for Diagnosis and Therapy of Gastrointestinal Lesions Using Fluorescent Molecules
P01855 Lorentz Force Assisted MEMS-based Microwave Switch
P01849 The Use of Laser Desorption and Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization Mass Spectrometry for the Detection of Occult Blood in Biomedical Applications
P01845 A Highly Sensitive Procedure for the Detection of Blood in Stool for Indications of Colon Cancer, Internal Bleeding, Disease and Other Traumas
P01844 Reusable Java Library and Science Planning Tools
P01842 Universal Display Format (UDF) for Optimized Real-Time Display of Geographic Data
P01841 Cortisol Sensor for Soldier Stress and Fatigue Monitoring
P01836 Commercial Vehicle Electronic Screening Hardware/Software System
P01833 Spiral Resonator-Slot UHF Antenna
P01828 Method and Apparatus for Detection of Bio-Aerosols
P01827 Surface Structure Measurement Device
P01826 Remote Screening and Diagnosis of Malaria and Other Blood Borne Parasites
P01825 Chebyshev Data Compression
P01821 Bit Depth Reduction for Analog to Digital Conversion in Global Positioning System Receivers Operating in High Jamming Environments
P01820 Weak Signal and Anti-jam GPS Receiver Using Full Correlation Grid
P01819 Vessel for Solid Phase Micro-Extraction (SPME) Chemical Sampling
P01818 Fluid Sampling Interface for a Submerged Water-Borne Vehicle
P01816 Surface Preparation of Metals to Adhere Polyethylene Molding
P01814 A Method for Using GPS and Crosslink Signals to Correct Ionospheric Errors in Space Navigation Solutions
P01813 Detection of Genuine and Hoax Biological and Non-biological Contaminants on Various Media
P01809 Methods and Devices for Detection and Diagnosis of Malaria
P01807 Wireless Network Physical Layer Intrusion Detection System
P01802 The Time of Flight System on a Chip (TOF Chip)
P01801 High Temperature Light Guide
P01790 Low-cost Flexible Manufacturing Techniques for Bradbury-Neilson Gates and Similar Interdigital Structures for Use in Miniature Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometers and Other Related Applications
P01786 Portable Ventilator with a Manifold-Muffler System
P01784 Techniques for Deriving Tissue Structure from Multiple Projection, Dual-Energy X-ray Absorptiometry
P01783 Latitude Longitude Plotter
P01779 Patient Initiated Emergency Response System (PIERS)
P01778 Method For Metal Object Identification Using Three-dimensional Steerable Magnetic Field Antenna
P01777 Techniques for Early Detection of Localized Exposure to an Agent Active on a Biological Population
P01772 Networked Automatic Monitoring Pipeline System (NAMPS)
P01771 Method for Establishing Heliocentric Spacecraft Formations Using Gravity Assist from a Natural Satellite
P01769 Method and System for Storing Compressed Hydrogen and/or CNG Fuels on Automotive Vehicles (Suspension Systems)
P01768 Methods for Implementing Quantum Logic Operations Using Polarizing Beam Splitters
P01767 Compact, Autonomous Robotic Detection and Identification (CARD) Sensor System
P01766 Wide Area Metal Detection
P01765 Pilot Identification System
P01761 Continuous Transform Method for Wavelets
P01760 Planar Optical Penetration Sensor (POPS)
P01758 Ambulatory Health Monitor
P01754 Dual-Sided Microchannel Plate Detector Mount for Coaxial Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometers
P01750 Thermal Pain Probe
P01745 Environmental Nitrate Pollution Removal Using a Selectively Permeable Molecularly Imprinted Polymer Membrane
P01744 Environmental Phosphate Pollution Removal Using a Selectively Permeable Molecularly Imprinted Polymer Membrane
P01743 Helmet System Including at Least Three Accelerometers and Mass Memory and Method for Recording in Real-Time Orthogonal Acceleration Data of a Head
P01741 Advanced Air Deploy Sonobuoy
P01740 Expandable Underwater Sensor Array
P01736 Crosslink Transceiver for Integrated Navigation and Communication Among Multiple, Distributed Spacecraft
P01735 GPS Jamming Circumvention Scheme
P01734 Blood Iron Removal for Sufferers of Hemochromatosis Using a Selectively Permeable Molecularly Imprinted Polymer Dialysis Membrane
P01730 Instrumented Model of the Human Torso for Ballistic Impact
P01729 Portable Robot Mine Detection and Classification System
P01721 Optical Beamformer
P01720 The Cardiac Auscultatory Recording Database (CARD): an Internet-based Software Program and Digital Heart Sound Recording Database for Teaching and Study of Cardiac Auscultation
P01715 Optimal Ensembling of Ultrastable Crystal Oscillators
P01714 A Non-contact Optical Technique to Monitor Surface Stress in Sapphire Windows
P01709 Open Autonomy Kernel (OAK), an Architecture for Mode-Identification and Reconfiguration of Control systems Model-Based
P01706 Airborne Pathogen Neutralization
P01703 Universal Adapter for Integrated Circuit
P01702 Evolved OPTSAT (with Connectivity Through Weather and Inertia-less Beam Scanning)
P01701 QTViewer - Software for Three-Dimensional Visualization of Large Models
P01700 Integrated Fluidics System for Simplifier Analysis of Aerosolize Biological Particles
P01697 Automated Fluorometric Bioaerosol Concentration and Detection System
P01696 A Procedure for Enabling Big-Endian Software to Run on Little-Endian Hardware and Vice Versa
P01695 Integrated Optical Mono-pulse Tracking System for Full Duplex Optical Communication
P01694 Mechanical Filter/Mixer for Radio Frequency Applications
P01690 Intra- and Inter-Body Wireless Communication and Modular-Payload Capsules
P01688 Method and Apparatus for Imaging and Spectroscopy of Tumors and Determination of the Efficacy of Anti-tumor Drug Therapies
P01686 Online Data Visualization Toolkit
P01684 Electroless Gold Plating for Use in Wirebonded Chip-on-Board (COB) and Multichip Module (MCM) Applications
P01683 Refreshable Tactile Computer Display for the Blind
P01681 Hardware and Software Implementation of Non-Coherent Navigation for Low Frame Rate Telemetry Applications
P01678 Use of Cytokines and Other Host Cell Response Molecules Collected from Breath as Non-Invasive Method to Detect Infectious Disease
P01676 Cable-to-House Wideband Wireless Link and Relay
P01672 Ka-Band Digital Phase MMIC
P01664 X-Band Solid State Power Amplifier (SSPA)
P01661 A Tracking Receiver for Global Positioning System Signals Implemented in Software. (GPS Software Receiver)
P01660 Advanced Resonant Lorentz Force Magnetometer
P01657 Digital Video Authenticator
P01653 Expendable Beam Transmissiometer
P01652 Integrated Adaptive Antenna Array and Adaptive Locally-Optimum Detection Processor
P01651 Smart Aggregates: Distributed Sensor Suite for Remote Infrastructure Monitoring
P01649 Transdermal Optical Communication System
P01643 Area of Interest Selection Circuit for Image Sensor and/or Position Sensing Detector
P01640 Tactial Image Rendering Tool Image Processing Algorithm for Creation of Unclassified Line Drawings from Classified National Technical Means Imagery
P01637 An Application of Rapid Prototype Manufacturing Technology to the Design and Fabrication of Wind Tunnel Models
P01636 Controlled Beam Steering Using Two-Beam Coupling for Optical Routing Applications
P01621 Single Event Upset Immune Logic Family
P01620 Dual Frequency Scanning Harmonic Radar for Detection and Identification of Concealed Metallic Weapons and Electronics
P01619 Ce(III) Cation and Sulfate Anion Mixture as Inhibitor of Pitting Corrosion in 17-4 PH Stainless Steel
P01613 Plasminogen Activator to Prevent Haze After Laser Eye Surgery
P01612 Cybernetic Systems Based on Inductive Logic
P01607 Directed Web Crawling Using Machine Learning
P01605 Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer Array (TOF Spectrarray)
P01598 Method and System for Outpatient Monitoring
P01595 Field-Portable Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer System
P01594 Blast Position Detector
P01591 Micro-Machined Metal-Insulator-Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor (MISFET) with an Air-Gap Insulating Layer
P01589 Real-Time Video Integration with Mapping Software
P01583 Improvement in Performance of a Microchannel Plate Detector Assembly Using a Miniature Anode (Micro-node)
P01580 Improved Thermal Control Body Armor
P01579 Steerable three-dimensional magnetic field sensor system for detection and classification of metal targets
P01570 Explosive Detection Instrument
P01562 Automated Machinery Monitoring System for Conditional Maintenance
P01560 Method and System for Bio-Surveillance Detection and Alerting
P01559 Force Detected Magnetic Field Gradiometer
P01555 Detection of Re-Bar Corrosion in Re-inforced Concrete Structures Using Modal Analysis
P01554 Low Pressure Electronically Controlled Valve
P01552 Clinician's Portable, Digital, Intelligent Assistant (Pain Informatics Program)
P01551 Assessment of Tooth Structure Using Laser Based Ultrasonics
P01550 Structure Including a Plurality of Cells of Cured Resinous Material, Method of Forming the Structure
P01549 Device for Rendering an Injection Syringe Single-Use Only
P01544 Database and Knowledge-base Enhancements
P01540 Electronic Safety for Semi-Automatic Handgun
P01537 Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) Mapping System
P01520 Cross-hatched, focused, x-ray scatter reduction grid fabricated by lamination technique
P01518 A Gridless, Focusing Ion Source for a Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer
P01517 Anti-Backfeed Circuit Breaker
P01515 Autonomous Solar Navigation System
P01514 Java Enhanced Distributed System Instrumentation (JEDSI) for Measuring the Performance of Large Distributed Systems
P01513 Damping Gyrometer
P01511 GPS Roadside Integrated Precision Positioning System (GRIPPS) for Detecting Drowsy Drivers
P01510 Radio Frequency Beacon
P01503 Flexible Architecture Receiver for GPS
P01501 Architecture for Distributed Information Access (ADINA)
P01495 Low Cost, Compressed Gas Fuel Storage System
P01493 Catalytic Inhibitor for Use in Anhydrous Ammonia to Counter Illicit Drug Manufacture
P01491 A Colorimetric Sensor of Food Spoilage Based on a Molecularly Imprinted Polymer
P01490 Scatterer Controlled Emission for Novel Optical Taggants
P01488 Hybrid Inflatable Antenna
P01486 System and Method for Diagnosing Pathologic Heart Conditions
P01475 In-Line Filter for Fiber Optic SMA Terminations
P01474 Rapid Chest Tube Inserter
P01472 A Hybrid Software/Hardware Technique for High Speed Backplane Messaging
P01471 Microwave and Acoustic Detection of Drowsiness
P01466 Time and Frequency Domain Electromagnetic Induction Metal and Landmine Detection and Identification Sensor System
P01465 Simple and Modular Reflectron Construction Using Flexible Circuit Board Material
P01456 A Self-Monitoring Controller for Quartz Crystal Microbalance Sensors
P01453 Compressed Gas Manifold
P01449 DEXA Scanner System
P01443 Autonomous Satellite Navigation System
P01442 Eye Fixation Monitor and Tracker
P01434 "SPARCL" High Bandwidth Space-to-Ground Data Transmission System Concept
P01430 Vestibular Irrigator Test System (VITS)
P01429 HAIRCUT (Cross Language Info Retrieval)
P01424 Software Protection for Single and Multiple Microprocessor Systems
P01422 Radar Ice Sounder with Parallel Doppler Processing
P01416 PC-Based Voice Activated Human Interaction Simulations
P01414 A New Class of Resonant Structures for Lorentz Force Magnetometers
P01410 Molecularly Imprinted Polymer Sensor for Explosives
P01409 Molecularly Imprinted Polymer Sensor for Drug Residues
P01408 Molecularly Imprinted Polymer Sensor for 2-Phosphonobutane 1,2,4 Tricarboxylic Acid
P01406 Mass Spectrometer Threat Identification System
P01402 Symbol Synchronization in a CPM Communications Receiver Based on Energy Near Half the Symbol Rate
P01398 Use of Metallic Tape with Memory for Sonobuoy Hydrophone Deployment
P01396 Emergency Life Support System
P01395 Remote Input/Output (RIO) Smart Sensor Analog-Digital Chip
P01392 Rechargeable Shoe
P01391 Thermal Ionization Detector
P01388 Chip Technology
P01383 Enhanced Virtual Executor (EVE) for Linking Intra-Institutional PC's in Parallel Processing
P01379 Flash Hit Detector
P01377 Noninvasive Magnetic Sensing of Human Prostate Tumor
P01374 Method and Apparatus for Segmenting Small Structures in Images
P01373 Miniature Immuno-Optical Rapid Analyte Sensor Platform
P01372 Networked Sensor System (NESSY)
P01371 Optical Method for Quantum Computing
P01364 Video Ophthalmoscope with Single-Adjustment Focus
P01361 Passive Intraocular Pressure Sensor and Patient-worn Monitoring Recorder
P01358 Electrical Conductivity Object Locator
P01349 Friction Transmission with Axial Loading and a Radiolucent Surgical Needle Driver
P01325 Floating GPS Cylindrical Slot Antenna
P01324 Intravenous Feed Anchor System (IVFAS)
P01323 Adaptive Windowing of FFT Data for Increased Resolution and Sidelobe Rejection
P01315 Automatic Battery Power Switch
P01314 Microelectromechanical (MEMS)-Based Magnetostrictive Magnetometer
P01312 Passive Method to Objectively Quantify the Level and Density of a Neural Blockade
P01309 Lorentz Force Magnetometer having a Resonator
P01308 Apparel and Sensor Coverings with Energy Converting, Storing and Supplying Capabilities and Other Electrical Components Integrated...
P01301 Imaging Objects in a Dissipative Medium by Nearfield Electromagnetic Holography--3D Metal Detector
P01288 Passive Alarm Systems for Blind and Visually Impaired Individuals
P01280 Polymer Based Lanthanide Luminescent Sensors for the Detection of Organophosphorous Compounds
P01276 Apparatus and Methods for Embedding a Biocompatible Material in a Polymer Bone Implant
P01274 Integrated Power Source
P01272 Multi-Channel Pill with Integrated Optical Interface
P01268 Passive Alarm System for Blind and Visually Impaired Individuals
P01266 Method and System for Detecting Small Structures in Images
P01261 Method and Apparatus for Precise Noncoherent Doppler Tracking of a Spacecraft
P01256 Optimization of Radiation Treatment Planning
P01254 System for Measuring Average Speed and Traffic Volume on a Roadway
P01248 Delay Compensated Doppler Radar Altimeter
P01231 Non-invasive Fetal Heart Signature Monitor
P01227 High-temperature Superconducting Thin Film Nonbolometric Microwave Detection System and Method
P01225 Orthopedic Polymer Implant
P01223 Heat Sink for Increasing Through-Thickness Thermal Conductivity of Organic Matrix Composite Structures
P01190 Methods and Apparatus for Improved Visualization of Choroidal Blood Flow and Aberrant Vascular Structures in the Eye
P01183 AM/FM Multi-Channel Implantable/Ingestible Bio-Medical Monitoring Telemetry System
P01178 Polygraph Sensor Simulation and Testing System
P01145 Video-Centroid Chip
P01141 Optical Feature Extraction Apparatus and Encoding Method for Detection of DNA Sequences
P01132 Method and System for Automated Detection of Microcalcification Clusters in Mammograms
P01113 Method for Model-Free Control of General Discrete-Time Systems
P01109 Thin Film Vanadium Oxide Spatial Light Modulators and Methods
P01106 Method and Apparatus to Identify and Treat Neovascular Membranes in the Eye
P01102 Optical-Digital Method and Processor for Pattern Recognition
P01093 Integrated Dual Imaging Detector
P01068 Bone Substitute for Training and Testing
P01067 Fiber Optic Ionizing Radiation Detection
P01031 Adaptable Multiport Test Fixture System
P01021 Electron Density Storage Device and Method Using STM
P00465 A Portable Rapidly Erectable Discone Antenna
P00452 Apparatus and Method for Quantum Mechanical Encryption for the Transmission of Secure Communications
P00448 Short-Circuit-Proof DIP Test Clip
P00447 Accumulating Arithmetic Memory Integrated Circuit
P00440 Polygraph Automated Scoring Systems
P00391 Method for Detection of Weak Links in the Current Path of Electrically Continuous Superconductors
P00379 Stack Data Cache Having a Stack Management Hardware with Internal and External Stack Pointers and Buffers for Handling Underflow and Overflow Stack
P00368 Discrete Automatic Gain Control with High Stability, High Speed and Low Distortion
P00334 Automatic Detection of Seizures Using Electroencephalographic Signals
P00328 Ingestible Size Continuously Transmitting Temperature Monitoring Pill
P00316 Computer Aided Design for TE01 Mode Circular Waveguide
P00288 Adaptive Locally-Optimum Detection Signal Processor and Processing Methods
P00283 Apparatus for Categorizing and Accumulating Events
P00273 Heated Element Velocimeter
P00261 Phase Sensitive Differential Polarimetry Technique and Apparatus
P00250 Overmoded Waveguide Elbow and Fabrication Process
P00248 Propellant Utilization System
P00247 Translating and Rotating Cowl Inlet with Retractable Propellant Injection Struts
P00245 Minimum Interface Biomedical Monitoring System
P00241 Address Sequence Generation by Means of Reverse Carry Addition
P00223 Capacitive Chemical Sensor Using an Ion Exchange Surface
P00207 Regulation of the Exposure of Active Surfaces
P00198 Apparatus for Winding Wire Onto an Arbor
P00197 Non-Invasive Electromagnetic Technique for Monitoring Physiological Changes in the Brain
P00194 Computer-Controlled Neurological Stimulation System
P00193 Vascular Averting Instrument
P00184 Novel Method of Preparation of Vanadium Dioxide Thin Films
P00169 Apparatus for Inhibiting Self-Injurious Behavior (SIB) in Patients
P00163 Air Inlet for Internal Cooling for Overmoded Waveguide
P00156 Portable pH Data Collector
P00155 Prosthetic Elbow with a Motor-driven Release Mechanism
P00153 Method for Clearing a Gas Bubble from a Positive Displacement Pump Contained within a Fluid Dispensing System
P00152 Single Valve Diaphragm Pump with Decreased Sensitivity to Ambient Conditions
P00150 Manually Actuated Hydraulic Sphincter
P00146 Plural Module Medication Delivery System
P00145 Self-Injurious Behavior Inhibiting System
P00141 Coherent Radar Digital Data Collector and Sampling Technique for Noncoherent Transmitter Radars
P00129 High Speed Imaging Television System
P00091 Sharp Mode-Transducer Bend for Overmoded Waveguide
P00059 Multiport Rectangular TE10 to Circular TE01 Mode Transducer Having Pyrimidal Shaped Transducing Means
P00041 Method and Apparatus for Bus Arbitration Using a Pseudo-Random Sequence
P00031 Electro-Optical Device for Monitoring Instantaneous Singlet Oxygen Concentration Produced During the Treatment of Cancer
P00017 Optical Beam Deflection Thermal Imaging
P00012 Local Area Communication Network