APL Colloquium

March 6, 2015

Colloquium Topic: Ignition Grants Fall 2014 Healthcare Edition

The Ignition Grants Fall 2014 Healthcare Edition principal investigators will share their accomplishments with demos, presentations, and Q&A in the Central Spark (Building 17 Lobby).

Colloquium Speaker: Ignition Grants Winners

Improved Personal Protective Equipment for Ebola Healthcare Workers
Author:  Jason Johnson
Collaborators: Grace Tran

Electronic Medical Record Cyber Security
Author:  Charlie Frick
Collaborators: Christopher White

Non invasive sampling for predicting onset of disease
Author:  Joany Jackman
Collaborators:   Wayne Sternberger

My Medical History
Author:  Chinmay Amin
Collaborators: Nikunj Patel

Take a Chill Pill (box)
Author:  Danielle Chou
Collaborators:  Diane Tang, Jonathon Kopecky, Nathan Rolander

Neuromuscular Monitoring System
Author:  ZaZa Soriano
Collaborators: Gary Wright

Migraine Management App
Author: Emelia Probasco
Collaborators: Josh Steele, Christine Piatko

Genomics Tracking: A Next-Generation Sequencing Database
Author: David Newcomer
Collaborators: None