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APL's Air and Missile Defense (AMD) programs are making critical technical contributions to meet the critical challenges facing Department of Defense (DoD) acquisition managers and operational commanders. Through their application of advanced science and technology and disciplined approach to systems engineering, our staff work to enhance the operational capabilities of the services' and DoD's air and missile defense systems.

Our staff focus on devising practical solutions to the ever-present challenges of countering raids of high-performance ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, and threat aircraft in realistic operational environments. Our work comprises research, development, engineering, and testing and evaluation of current and future air and missile defense systems and their technologies. The foundation of this work began more than 60 years ago and was the core purpose for establishing APL.

The U.S. Navy and DoD's Missile Defense Agency sponsor most of AMD's work, with other important tasking sponsored by the Air Force, Joint programs, and other DoD agency program offices.