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Submarine Technology Symposium 2016 panel discussion

Submarine Technology Symposium Fosters Collaboration, Innovation
The 28th Sub Tech Symposium at APL presented a unique opportunity for Navy leaders, research laboratories, industry, academia and others to come together for three days of collaboration and discussion.
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Rail Security and Inspection System

APL Team Develops Innovative Remote Rail Security and Inspection System
Meet IRiS, a remote-controlled, rail-riding vehicle designed to provide reconnaissance information to first responders and law enforcement personnel when railway incidents occur.
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Solar Probe Plus spacecraft

Solar Probe Plus Moves into Advanced Development
NASA’s first mission to “touch” the sun — under development at APL — has passed a critical milestone that keeps it well on track toward its scheduled summer 2018 launch.
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New Pelagos Sensor System Improves U.S. Submarine Operations
An innovative new program called Pelagos — developed as an independent research and development project — provides U.S. submariners with a wide array of new data about their environment, as well as improved methods to utilize this data.
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Operational Test

Aegis Ashore System Successfully Intercepts Target Missile at Pacific Test Range
APL researchers and engineers played a key role in the first Aegis Ashore engagement, resulting in the successful intercept and destruction of a ballistic missile target at the Pacific Missile Range Facility (PMRF).
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