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Study Recommends DoD Speed Up Adoption of Autonomous Systems


Unplanned Volunteerism Has Unexpected APL Connection

How Can Technology Improve School Safety?

APL Leads Energetic Particle Team Research on NASA's MMS Mission


CRISM Prepares for Mars-Grazing Comet Siding Spring

Second of Four Planned Maneuvers Extends MESSENGER Orbital Operations

Twelfth Batch of MESSENGER Data Released; Water Ice Exploration Tool Unveiled

New Horizons Commanded into Last Pre-Pluto Slumber

Two Years After Launch, NASA’s Van Allen Probes Deliver New Science and Findings

Scientists Solve the Case of the Sliding Stones

MESSENGER Gets Closer to Mercury than Ever Before

APL’s Jack Keane Receives Top Award from the Military Operations Research Society

MESSENGER Modifies Orbit to Prepare for Low-Altitude Campaign

Final “Pre-Pluto” Annual Checkout Begins for New Horizons

oRACLE Chip Helps Scientists Quickly Predict the Evolution of Viruses

Geologist Enjoys a Pas de Deux with the Planets

Working to Improve Wireless Emergency Alerts

Rising to the (Space Apps) Challenge

More Than a War Game: APL’s Analysis Laboratory Gets a “Collaborative” New Name

JHU President, APL Director Provide Testimony for Senate Hearing on Innovation

Van Allen Probes Achieves Mission Success

Making Scents: APL Develops Training Aids for Explosive-Detecting Dogs

APL “Space Weather” Instrument Heads to Orbit

Aiming for Long-Range Success

APL Team Helps Skier in Paralympic Quest

Improving Patient Safety with New Technologies

Bridging the Gap: APL Works with Border Patrol to Connect Technology Users, Developers

Beating the Heat: New Inexpensive Sensor Can Prevent Battery Fires

APL Staffer Scores Slice of Big Data Prize


Air Force Minotaur Rocket Launching from Virginia November 19

A Veteran's Best Friend: APL Staff Help Local Organization Train Service Dogs for Disabled Vets

APL Expands Battlespace in Multifaceted Effort

NASA's BRRISON Heads West to Prepare to Meet Comet ISON

Ready and ABLE to Protect Soldiers' Hearing

"Team Cameron" Builds a Bridge from The Arc to APL

APL Staffer Selected for NASA Astronaut Training

Eye PATCH: Visualizing the Future of Injury Treatment

Seeing Doubles: APL Develops Body Models for Airport Security Tests

NASA Calls on APL to "Catch" a Comet

APL Uses Energy Innovations and Optimizations to Boost Efficiency

APL Volunteers Prep Kids for College

APL Backpack-Sized Mini-mapper Captures Intel in Tight Spots

Learning Comes FIRST in Robotics Competitions Held at APL

APL Recognizes Top Authors and Researchers

APL-Led Modular Prosthetic Limb Featured on CBS News’ 60 Minutes


Bringing STEM to Life

Generation Next: APL Steers Ideas from Workshop to Submarines in Two Years

APL Staffer Helps Wounded Veterans Dive into Rehabilitation

Predicting Virus Mutations Project Seeks to Transform Vaccine and Drug Development

APL Cuts Energy Costs Through Conservation

Up and Running: Just Hours After Launch, RBSP Takes First Science Steps

Hopkins Team to Boost Patient Safety in ICUs

Smithsonian Lands McCloskey Collection

Testing Fiber Optics to Protect Pipelines

One Cool Assignment: APL Engineer Heads North for Arctic Buoy Tests

Detecting Disasters: Social-Media Scanning Tool Could Lead to Quicker Crisis Response

Restoring Capabilities: First Wounded Warrior Demonstrates APL's Revolutionary Prosthetic Arm

Lab Setting Standards for 'SMART' Helmets

Using Gaming to Explore Threats in the Horn of Africa

APL-Built Chamber Puts Biosensors Through Real-World Tests

From Vision to Reality: Research Investment Makes a Quantum Leap

Problems at the Pump

APL Quick Response Created New Tool to Assess Nuclear Crisis

The Wisdom of SAGES

APL to Host Maryland FIRST LEGO League Tech Challenge Championship

Looking @Human_Behavior


APL Shapes Future Explosive Detection Systems

APL Leads Team to Leverage Advances in Genomics

TacSat-4 Mission Tests New Spacecraft "Bus" Standards

Human Surrogate Head Model Testing Reveals Brain's Response to Blast

Inspiring the Next Generation

Mapping the Mind to Build Smarter Machines

Prescribing New Health Care Efficiencies

Building a Better Evacuation Plan

A Moment, a Loss, a Shift in Reality: A Decade After 9/11, APL Continues to Respond

Tomorrow's Bomb Squad

From Transit 4A to New Horizons: Fifty Years of Nuclear-Powered Spacecraft

CRISM Team Members Receive Major NASA Awards

APL Volunteer Teachers Capture Young Imaginations

Model Airplane History-Maker and APL Retiree Maynard Hill Dies at Age 85

Top APL Inventions Clear Arteries, Camouflage Communications

Sailing Alien Seas: NASA Picks APL-Managed Titan Mission for Discovery Program Development

APL Celebrates Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

Creating a Conventional Prompt Global Strike Capability for the Nation

Special Innovations for Special Operations

APL Instrument Sheds Light on the Moon's Darkest Mysteries


APL Engineers Help Prepare High School Students for College Application Process

Innovative New Solar Charger Provides Energy on the Go

APL Tapped for Solar Probe Instrument

Strengthening the Nation's Defenses Against Cyber Attacks

Enhancing the Security of the Nation's Transportation Systems: Advanced Technology, Systems Engineering, and Testing and Evaluation

Interactive Game Captures the Complexity of Modern Conflict

Interns at APL

Next-Generation Advanced Materials: APL Science and Technology Anticipating Future Operational Needs

Crash and Learn: APL Torso Model Used in Helicopter Safety Tests

APL Staff Honor WWII Veterans

Solving Real-World Problems Through Virtual Realities: ARENA Provides Improved Training in Realistic Environments

Self-Healing Paint May Keep Vehicles on the Road Longer

Wind-Speed Software on New Tack

Cooler: Innovating to Collaborate

Robotics Competition at APL Gives Kids a Taste of Technical Problem-Solving

Dynamic Chamber Puts Chemical Weapons Sensors to the Test

Mentoring at APL: A Genuine Growth Experience

Demonstrating Technologies to Protect Critical Networks and Information


Detection by a Nose: APL Researchers Look to Copy Canine "Sniffer"

MERC Team Uses Bacteria to Tackle an Energy Challenge

APL Part of International Team Expanding Space Weather Radar Network

Revolutionizing Prosthetics 2009: Advances in Prosthetic Arm Technology

APL, Homeland Security Department Developing Next Public Alert System

Staff Moving into Healthier Zone

APL Team Plays Critical Role in Destroying Errant Satellite

APL's Composites Lab: An Engineer's Dream Team

APL Staff Honored to Serve Veterans on Capital Visit


Military Simulation Software Is No Ordinary Game

APL Helps County Prepare Pandemic Plans

APL Missions "Covered" in Top Journals

Robo Sally Set for Battle: Next-Generation Bomb Hunter Extends from Arm Project

Fighting Fast-Attack Boat Threats: Cooperative Engagement Capability Tweaked for Netted Surface Track Picture

Mission Complete: Midcourse Space Experiment Mission Ends

Riding on Light Waves: Air and Missile Defense Team Enhances Optical Communications Technique

Allied Aegis Success: APL Technical Lead for Japan's First Ballistic Missile Flight Test


Dual Ballistic Missile Targets Intercepted: APL's Technical Role Integral to Flight Test

Safeguarding Critical Infrastructure: APL Develops Aerial Technology for Homeland Security

New Research Effort in Blast-Induced Neurotrauma

A "Flare" for Saving Lives: Automated Signaling Device Could Indicate Boats in Distress

University Recognizes Three APL Staffers for Diversity Efforts

Virtual Reality Gaming Is Serious Business at APL

Subs with "Conventional Class": APL Team Tests New Undersea Weapons Platform

Howard County Schools Yield High Performance, Low Cost

Howard Ranks Among Best Digital Counties

Cross-Enterprise Initiatives: APL Addressing Critical Challenges that Span Defense Missions

Second SSUSI Instrument Flies on Defense Meteorological Satellite


Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense: Target Tracking

MESSENGER: Mission to the Innermost Planet

APL Welcomed Record Number of Summer Interns in 2006

APL Meteorite Hunters Travel to Antarctica

APL-Developed Disaster Aid Network Showcased in Mass Casualty Exercise

A New Perspective: Incoming Air and Missile Defense Staff Tour Naval Facilities

Armed with Ideas: APL Leads Prosthesis Development Team

2006 Hurricane Season Generates Interest in APL Images

MSX Satellite Celebrates a Decade in Space

Medical Communications for Combat Casualty Care

APL's First Home

APL, The First Twenty Years

NASA's First Pluto Mission Sets Sights on Solar System's Unexplored Frontier


APL a "Great Place to Work"

APL Scientist, Team Spot New Moons Around Pluto

Patents, Pizza, and Technology Transfer

U.S. Surgeon General Carmona Visits APL

Space Technology Benefits Medical Community

APL Staff Feel, Respond to Hurricane Katrina Devastation

Tactical Tomahawk: The Next Generation of Precision Strike

ESSENCE: Protecting Public Health

What's New on Campus


APL’s Ronald J. Vauk, killed on Sept. 11, 2001