September 14, 2018

Colloquium Speaker: Beau Backus and Scott Hoschar

Beau Backus is a Spectrum Manager at NOAA/NESDIS HQ in Silver Spring, MD, and is a Senior Spectrum Manager in the Space Exploration Sector at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory in Laurel.  Mr. Backus is a founding member of the Commercial Smallsat Spectrum Management Association.  He serves on the NTIA Policy & Programs Steering Group – Spectrum Working Group; the Space Frequency Coordination Group; the ESA/NASA/JAXA Frequency Coordination Meeting; and the DoD/NASA/DOC Pre-coordination group.  He served as a US Delegate to the successful World Radio Conference 15 in Geneva, Switzerland, and is now participating in several ITU and US working parties as we begin to prepare for WRC-19.  He chairs the ITU 4A sub-working group for studies relating to the frequency band 51.4−52.4 GHz for possible allocation to the fixed-satellite service (Earth-to-space) (agenda item 9.1.9).  Mr. Backus is a former Air Force officer and has been a member of the spectrum management community for over 30 years.

Scott Hoschar is the Head of the Middle Atlantic Area Frequency Coordination Office (MIDLANTAFC) at the Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division (NAWC AD), and the NAWC AD Installation Spectrum Manager.

Colloquium Topic: (tentative) Military RF Spectrum Authorizations