April 25, 2014

Colloquium Speaker: Ignition Grants Winners

The principal investigators of the 10 top-voted ideas are listed below by ignition challenge:
Asymmetric Swarming Threats: Engagement
     • Autonomous Herding for Non-Lethal Area Denial in Uncertain Environments
       Galen Mullins
Asymmetric Swarming Threats: Detect, Track, ID
     • Terrain-aided passive acoustic tracking of fast-attack craft
       Reid McCargar
Global S&T Situational Awareness: Explore New Technology for Sponsors
     • Low-cost, flexible energy harvesters for unattended systems
       Michael Jin
     • INS-Next: Atom Interferometry Gyroscopes for Flight Systems
       Brandi Rollins 
Global S&T Situational Awareness: Explore New Technology for APL Operations
     • Build a prototype cheap desktop distributed supercomputer!
       Dan Magorian
Critical Knowledge Sharing
     • Assessing Environmental Impacts on Sensor and System Performance
       Thomas Hanley
     • Crash Courses on Android
       Jamison Adcock
     • Arduino Course
       Tara Echlin 
     • APL Coursera
       Jeffrey Boye
     • Practical Machine Learning in MATLAB
       Christopher Ratto


The Ignition Grants Fall 2013 Edition winners shared their accomplishments with demos, presentations, and Q&A in the Central Spark.